I used to flirt, date and dump but hey i've c.h.a.n.g.e.d

He pushed me up against the lockers as everyone else was in class, my heart started to beat faster..I know the games you play Meagan He whispered seducively in my ear causing my whole body to go on vibrate,
And? I whispered back looking back up at him ...I don't like games He said while pushing himself away from me and heading back to class. I was left speechless and I now I knew wanted him. And I wanted him to want me back. Maybe if I stopped fooling around with his bestfriends.. Maybe if I just changed ? so... just a heads up this story doen't exactly have a happy ending but it does have a sequel so don't worry and the sequel explaqins it all thaqnks for reading! :)


2. around my finger

 I walked into my first period class and smiled, I love English. Honestly. I looked around to see who was in my class, my eyes locked on a very attractive boy. Zayn! He gave me a quick smile before continuing the notes on the board. I took this to advantage and took the seat next to him. I pulled out my binder and started to take the notes down. I started to feel nervous when I could feel him watching me.


Yes? I asked shyley looking up from my paper to his eyes. They’re so perfect. I watched as his cheeks went to a slight shade of pink,


Oh um nothing, you just uh.. Have nice printing.. He replied, clicking with the end of his pen. Liar. I looked down at my paper, eh I guess he’s right.


Oh umm thanks,. So do you? I said more of a question causing him to laugh.


The room went weirdly silent. I looked up to see Ms.Reid staring at us… Akward.


Are you 2 finished She asked. I shared a funny look with Zayn before we both just nodded our heads. When she turned around we both started laughing, causing our annoying teacher to send us another death glare.


Sorry.. We both mumbled


Well since we can’t finish our lesson, I guess we’ll move on..I want you guys to all pick a partner-


Partner? I whispered nudging Zayn, he smiled and accepted.


"-Then hand it in next class She finished. Shit! What are we doing? I raised my hand but she just ignored me. Beeaattcchh! I shook it off and slid my desk over to Zayns.


Do you know what we’re doing? I asked him shyley.


Nope, you were talking remember? He smirked at me, my mouth slightly opened Fine! I’ll go be partner with Becca! I joked standing up. I was just kidding though, I hated Becca! Just as I was about to walk away he grabbed my hand


But Meagan He cried. I looked at our hands and smiled. I brushed my thumb lightly across his tattoo on his hand,I can’t wait til I get mine I whispered while he still held my hand. Will you come with me when I do? I asked him with hopeful eyes.


Uh. Yeah sure. Ofcourse He replied blushing abit. I smirked to myself and sat back down, letting go of his hand. I pulled out a black sharpie and wrote my cell number on his hand right before the bell rang.


Text me I winked at him and headed for my next class.



Racheal and I walked into the gym with our arms locked, we had just gotten changed and were ready to play Volleyball. We both have played on the teams since gr.6 . Racheal snapped me out of my thoughts by pointing to 2 very simaliar figures. Niall and Liam. Hello very sexy boys. I looked at Racheal who was already smiling at me.


Liam! Niall! I called out, they looked over at us and smiled. I waved them over as I bent down to put my kneepads up.


Hey I looked up to see Liam offering me his hand, I gladley accepted. He pulled me up and I stayed close to him. He smells very nice. I could feel Niall looking at us. But that’s okay, not like I’m dating either of them.


guys wanna do 2 on 2? I suggested. I nudged Liam telling him I wanted to be on his team. He nodded his head and smiled, nobody knows how excited I am to watch these boys use their muscles. Well maybe Racheal. Today is just going to be a good day.


Hurry up Liam, just serve the damn thing I joked, waiting for him to hit the ball already.


But what if I mess up? He asked, I stood up fully and walked up to him, I held his arms earning a few wolf whistles from Racheal.


Liam, it’s okay if you miss it. I’ll still love you, we’ll get through it together I whispered. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself when I finished, he was even laughing at me too. He rolled his eyes but whispered a weird caption of words that I had already said.


Love you too I winked at him and walking back up to the net. I swayed my bum just a tad and I knew he was looking. I smiled when I heard the ball leave his hands. And I laughed when Racheal and Niall started fighting over who should’ve gotten it. I turned around and jumped into Liams arms. My legs just fit perfectly around his waist.


hay! You did it I cheered as he put me down. He smiled and spun me around again.


Thanks to you I rolled my eyes jokingly before kissing his cheek. I could see him blushing and I smiled. I went back to the net to see Racheal giving me a goofy grin. I rolled my eyes and continued with my gym class.


I groaned when I sat myself down in my Science seat. I HATE SCIENCE! And Mr.Haberstock knows it to. That’s why he always picks on me.


You okay love? I lifted my head up and locked eyes with Louis. I hadn’t realized at all I sat by him. I didn’t even know he was in my class.


Oh hi Lou, yeah I’m fine. I just HATE this class I whined, he laughed at me and I shoved him playfully It’s not funny I groaned.


I’m sorry, I guess you’re stuck with me then He smirked sending me a playfull wink.And I’m alright with that I shot right back at him. He smiled widely which made me happy. Louis has such a cute smile. Louis has cute everything


ugh, this class is soo boring. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Other then taking in the scent of Louis cologne. It smells so good.


The formula for Gold is Ag, right? I asked him praying I was right, he snickered before correcting me.,


Silver is Ag. Gold is Au


Damnit. I’m gonna fail the test on this crap I whined.


I’ll help you if you want? He offered. My eyes lit up.


Hey, sometime next week maybe you could help me study?


Sounds good. Let me know and I can swing by your house and give you hand He replied sweetly before answering a question Mr Haberstock asked. He’s such a sweetheart. I jumped abit when my phone vibrating, I smiled. It was from Racheal


RayRay: Class with any of them now?

MegPie: Yup. With Lou right now.. He just offered to help me study sometime.

RayRay: Oh, be nice to Lou okay?

MegPie: I’m always nice ;)

RayRay: Yeah, yeah whatever ;) . See you soon chickie-poo I didn’t reply.


Mainly because my teacher caught me and took my phone and second of all I was confused why she was so worried about what I did with Louis.


You said Fe is Iron right? I whispered to Louis, we were now working on a worksheet for the last couple minutes of class, he looked at me and started to smile again 


  Yes.. Here let me see this He said before taking my paper away from me. I watched him as he corrected my errors. Well I guess I got that wrong. There, follow what I did on the first few questions.. You’ll catch on babe Did he just call me babe? It sounded so good coming from his lips. I felt myself blush, which was weird because I never blush! The bell rang and I was snapped out of my thoughts. I started walking away but Lou grabbed my arm,


what’s your cell ? I’ll text you when I can help you… he asked me.


"0413394552"  I replied giving him a smile. He walked up closer to me, our faces inches from eachother.  


maybe I’ll just text you whenever I please He whispered. I could feel a smile tugging on the edges of my lips but I hid it and just nodded my head, I pulled away and went to go find Racheal. LUNCH TIME!



I was literally running to Racheal and I’s locker. I had to tell her what just happened with Louis!


RACHEAL  I practiaclly screamed when I saw her coming out of her Math class with Zayn following behind her. I give him a flirty smile and he returned it. I got Racheal and we went to our locker.


What is it? She asked me laughing abit.


Louis totally just came onto me! said kinda out of breathe. I watched as her smile kinda faded from her lips.


",Oh, sounds.. fun"


"Ray, what’s wrong?" I asked her worriedly.


Ther’s no point telling you Meg. It won’t matter anyways. She trailed off. I locked arms with her


Lets go get some coffee at timmies then you can tell me! I wanna know She groaned but agreed anyways. So away we went to Tim Hortans.


YOU LIKE LOUIS? I nearly shat myself out of my seat when I heard her say it.


yes she replied shyley, I still couldn’t believe this.


Ray why didn’t you frickin tell me! I wouldn’t have gone onto him like that I told her.


you know just as well as I do, you would’ve She trailed off.. I thought about it. NO!


No I wouldn’t! If I would have known I wouldn’t even of sat with him. I swear I won’t do anything with him. When he comes over all we’re going to do is look in a damn textbook I rammbled.


You’re still going to have him over? She asked , kinda hurt.


Racheal I have to. I honestly suck at ScienceI joked, causing her to laugh.. It’s not like I was lieing. I didn’t even know the formula for gold!


We walked back to the school to see the boys all sitting on the steps. I had just realised, I haven’t talked to Harry yet today. As we started to aproach the school with our Ice caps, Louis called us over. I could feel the grip on my arm from Racheal tightning. I gave her a reassuring look that it was going to be fine.


hey guys I greated as we joined their circle of fun.


Hey They all said at the sime time, except for Harry who just continued to play on his phone.


Harry? I said, he slowly drug his head up to look at me. I could tell it was fake though, his eyes didn’t even meet mine. Do you have socials next block, with Smith? I asked him.


Yup He replied poping the P and that was I got from him.. Well someone doesn’t he like me.. I dropped it as Racheal and I began to walk back in the school to find our other friends. But the thought kept coming to my head. Why doesn’t he like me? Everyone likes me!



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