One Love For One Girl

Zoey is just a regular 18 year old girl. Until she finds her true love
Her parents are divorced and she lives we're her dad that is mostly
on business trips. Her life is all gonna change.
Plz read to find out what happens to this normal girl!


8. Does he really love me?

~Zoeys Pov~

I woke up and I saw Niall still sleeping. I was said "awww" very softly. I then kissed his cheek softly. I didn't wanna wake him up, but I think it was to late.

❤Niall's Pov❤

I woke up by Zoey kissing my cheek. I felt so loved and special at the moment.

"Morning, beautiful" I said

"Morning, love" she said

We both got up and I walked over to the bathroom to take a shower. But before I could Zoey stopped me.

"Niall, I'm gonna go next door to get clothes and take a shower. I'll be bak in out a half hour." she said

"Ok I'll see u later then" I said while kissing her forehead.

She walked out the front door. I already missed her. What she said to me last night made me feel special to her. A lot. Were their sparks? Is she really in love with me?
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