One Love For One Girl

Zoey is just a regular 18 year old girl. Until she finds her true love
Her parents are divorced and she lives we're her dad that is mostly
on business trips. Her life is all gonna change.
Plz read to find out what happens to this normal girl!


6. Dinner with Niall

~Zoey's Pov~

I knocked on the door and I heard loud and fast footsteps come near the door.
I got scared for a moment. Niall opened the door. At first, I thought it was Paul.

"oh my god Niall u scared me" I said anxiously

"Haha sorry love. I was excited" He said giggling

He invited me inside and told me to sit down at the dinner table
We had a great conversation going. We talked about ourselves and all that shit.

❤Niall's Pov❤

"Zoey, u r not like other girls. Ur beautiful and very intelligent. I like that about u. Can I ask?
Would u like to go out with me?" I asked nervously

Zoey blushed

"Of course Niall" She said with a smile

Then she got up out of her seat and walked over to me. So I got up to.
She kissed me on the cheek lightly. I freaked out inside but I gotta be cool. ��

"Niall, I have liked u ever since u an the boys became a band. I always wished I could meet u but I thought it would never happen. But now i did and now I finally have u".

"Aww really? I am so glad to have u. Ever since I laid eyes on u I couldn't take them off u. U were the one" I said to her.

I saw the other boys in the kitchen spying on me and Zoey

"Hey Zoey, did u know that the boys eat dead rats for breakfast!!" I winked at her
She winked bak

"Ohhh really and I heard that they have a bunch of cocoroachs in their rooms right about now!" she said

"OH MY GOD NO NO NO NO NO NO" the boys all screamed

"haha good job,love. I said

"thank u" she said while giggling

The boys ran bak in the dining room.
"THERE NO COCOROACHS IN OUR ROOM" said Louis in a baby voice

" U wish". I said

Zoey just started laughing hard.

"oh uh sorry. I have a really bad laugh"

"no u don't. It's the cutest laugh I have ever heard"

"haha thanks"

Me and zoey started to get really tired from all that laughing.
"Niall I am really tired I think I'm gonna go home now". she said while yawning

"oh wait, would u like to stay for the night?" I asked her

"Oh we'll idk I don't wanna get in the way" she said

"don't worry it's totally fine"

"ok I will but I don't have PJ'S with me"

"ok no problem"

I handed her a blank white comfy t-shirt and just a pair of swear pants that I never used

"is this ok?" I said

"yeah it's fine, IDC what I usually wear to bed" she said

"k good. I'll get a blanket for us"

I got the blanket and Zoey sat on the couch.
I put the blanket over both of us and Zoey put her head on my shoulder.
I put my arm around and I turned on the t.v.
We cuddled together and she fell asleep on my shoulder.
She looked so peaceful and looked like an angel. I kissed her on the forehead ad finally fell asleep

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