Text me maybe(zayn malik fanfic Finished)

Maggie is an 18 year old that is texting a guy online that she dosent know he is.She dosent know it's zayn malik.


4. Zayn malik?

Maggie's P.O.V.

When the guy asked "are you maggie?"I still had my eyes down,when I looked up I saw it was zayn malik!I love one direction.My eyes lit up the room"ya,I'm maggie"I said"sorry I'm late the band had to do something"zayn said."It's ok".AHH it's zayn malik from one direction!!"Your zayn malik"I said"yes I am"we sat down inside and I got some black coffee and zayn got the same.After we were done drinking our coffee,we got up and he started to walk me home,I could see rose behind us."Bye"he said"text me"I said"no,phone me"he gave me his phone number."Bye"I said as he walked home.Today was so amzayn.

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