Text me maybe(zayn malik fanfic Finished)

Maggie is an 18 year old that is texting a guy online that she dosent know he is.She dosent know it's zayn malik.


2. We should meet one day

Maggie P.O.V.

"Hello"zayn texted

"Hey,what's up?:0"I texted

"Just practicing,you??:0"zayn texted me

"just watching a football game with my little brother,william"I texted him

"we should meet one day:0:)"he texted.

"Ya,but where??"I texted he,we both live in london.

"At joe's pizza place?"he texted

"I'm a vegetarian.What about the coffee shop on london street?"I texted him.I loved that coffee shop.

"Sure I love that place<3what about tomrrow at 9:00 p.m."he texted.

"Sure,but I g2g go bye bye"I texted him.

"Bye,love"he texed me.I'm so excited!!

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