Text me maybe(zayn malik fanfic Finished)

Maggie is an 18 year old that is texting a guy online that she dosent know he is.She dosent know it's zayn malik.


3. Meeting Day

Maggie's P.O.V.

Today was the day I was going to meet zayn,my other friend that knows about zayn is coming with me just in case he's a creep,her names rose.I brushed my teeth,did my makup,put on blue skinny jeans,and a cute pink tank top.I phoned rose and told her to come over.When she came over I put on some golden flats with bows on them.We walked to the coffee shop and I sat outside.I asked 2 boys if they were zayn but i guess not,on my way out this guy asked 'are you maggie""ya"I said.

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