Text me maybe(zayn malik fanfic Finished)

Maggie is an 18 year old that is texting a guy online that she dosent know he is.She dosent know it's zayn malik.


6. GoodBye

Maggie's P.O.V.

I was getting ready for our second date,I'm so happy.We are going out for dinner.At a chinese restrant,I love chinese food.I put on a purple strapless top and blackskinny jeans.After that I straighted my hair,and then I put on black high heels and then left.We were meeting there,when I got in I ordered noodles(zayn's there)zayn ordered some noodles too.We both ate the noodles fast."I'm going on tour'he said,"oh..I'll miss you when are you leaving?"I asked "tomorrow at 1:00"he said,"I got to go,I'll miss alot too"he said well hugging me"text me"I said crying,"I'll never stop texting you"he said well hugging me.He kissed me then left.I just kissed zayn...I LOVE HIM.I walked home and told cammy and some other friends about him.I am so happy. THE END.


Sorry this story stucked,i was going to dealete it but I ended it instead.Thanks for reading.:)

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