Text me maybe(zayn malik fanfic Finished)

Maggie is an 18 year old that is texting a guy online that she dosent know he is.She dosent know it's zayn malik.


1. What's your name?

Maggie's P.O.V.

"Hello"I texted the mystery boy.I was sitting in my room with my best friend cammy.She was the only one that knew I texted the mystery boy.

"Hey"he texted back.

"What's up"I texed.

"Just hanging with my band buds,you?"he texted back,he was in a band.

"just with my friend cammy"I texted him,cammy was on my mac book talking to her boyfriend logan.

"Sounds cool :p"he texted

"what's your name?:0"I texted.

"Zayn,you?"he texted,

"Maggie.Anyway g2g bye!:("I texed.

"K,text me later"he texted.I was going to eat.

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