Never Say Never

One minute your fangirling over your idol and the other minute your getting ready for your date with him...


8. Trust Me

New text message: Adam

"Hey Adam. We should hang out soon!


I really didn't want to go against Justin. But the way he looked at me after he kissed Miranda.. I just don't know if I could trust him anymore.

*phone beeps* *text message from Adam*

"Hey! And yeah :) Do you want to go to the movies?"

To be honest, I really did like Adam. He was cute and really nice. So maybe this wasn't to get Justin back, maybe I'm starting a new relationship.

*incoming call :Justin*

Justin?! Why the hell is he calling me? 

"What Justin?"

"Someone's in a bad mood.."

"Well you told me to meet you outside my house and then I see you kissing another girl? Smooth move, Justin."

He did sound kinda upset. But, I wasn't gonna fall for it. 

"She kissed me. I swear."

"Then why did you look over at me after?"

"I wanted to see if you saw, and I wanted to see if you stayed."

"Well obviously, I stayed! I really wanted us to work. But everytime I try to fix it. You have to make it worse!"

I really didn't want to talk to him, but it sounded like we were going somewhere. This is the first time we're actually talking since that big fight.

Justin said: "See that's the thing, I'm not making it worse, you're making it worse."

"Really? I am? How?"

"Well you know that guy, Adam, he's my best friend, and he told me you guys have a date tonight."

"First of all, it's not a date, we're just going to the movies. And I could say the same for you and Miranda."

"Gabby, I really don't want to fight, just please, come over and I'll tell you everything you want to know."



Should she fall for it? Should she go? Or should she start a new relationship with Adam?

Please like, favorite, comment! xx

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