Never Say Never

One minute your fangirling over your idol and the other minute your getting ready for your date with him...


4. I Promise

I have an hour before I have to meet Justin at the park. I really don'r know what I'm gonna wear!

I looked in my closet and found this really cute floral top. I paired it with dark blue jeans and black converse. I left my hair down natural (curly hair) and applied a little mascara and lip gloss. I sprayed Girlfriend and I was ready to go!

Justin's POV

Hat or no hat? No hat.

Black or red jeans? Black

Why am I so nervous? I'm never nervous. Not even when I have to perform in front of thousands of people. 

*walking to park*

Gabby's POV

There he is. Why does he have to be so cute?

"Hey!" I said.


*moment of silence*

"Well this is awkward," Justin said.

I didn't reply, I just stared into his beautiful hazel eyes.... 

"You have beautiful eyes." I said aloud.

"Oh my God did I really just say that out loud?" 

I started blushing like c-r-a-z-y. I'm pretty sure my cheeks were as red as an apple.

Justin laughed and said it's fine.

And then he did something I never thought he would do.

He kissed me.

I felt chills go up my spine. 

After, he looked at me and smiled.

OMG was this really happening?!?!? Gabby, I thought you agreed to stop being a fangirl. I have to give a talk to myself about this like every day!

"Uhm, does this mean we're dating?" Justin asked.

"Yeah! Well...if you want it to be."

"Yeah, I do." he laughed.

"Just promise me one thing? Don't tell anyone that we're dating?"

"Why? I can't even tell my best friend?"

"Well yeah, just her and no one else. Promise?"

"Yes Justin, I promise," I said while smiling.

"Well I gotta go, bye." he said while giving me a hug.


*calling Victoria*

"Vic, you'll  never guess who I just kissed?"


"Justin Bieber!! We met and he gave me his number and he asked me to go to the park and-

"WOAH,Gabby slow down. You never told me you met him?"

"Yeah, because I wanted to keep it to myself. Sorry...are you mad?"

"No, of course not!! So how was the kiss?"


"I'm glad for you, wait are you dating?"

"Yeah. But please don't tell anyone, I promised him I would only tell you."

"Why would I wanna ruin your relationship? Anyway I gotta go! Bye."

Victoria's POV

She is so gonna get it. Meeting Justin Bieber and then not telling me? And now she's dating him? She'll see.  Once her little secret gets out, she'll see what dating a celebrity is like. Once school starts next Monday, it won't be such a happy relationship anymore. 


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