Never Say Never

One minute your fangirling over your idol and the other minute your getting ready for your date with him...


7. Game On

I couldn't fall asleep that night. I kept tossing and turning, replaying what Justin had said. I wanted to talk to him and try to explain what happened, but he won't believe me anyway. He probably thinks I just used him for the fame. I decided I was going to text him. It wasn't that late anyways.

"Hey, can we talk about what happened?"

He answered:

"Talk about what? You were just using me for the fame."

Did I not just say that?

"Justin, you told me I could tell Victoria. So I did. And then she must have been in one of her moods and went and told everyone. So tell me again why you're mad at me?

*2 hours pass*

He didn't reply back. To be honest, I wish I knew him just from my computer screen. I wish I never met him. He's making me think different things that aren't true. I thought "Justin Bieber" was supposed to be nice, friendly, understanding, but no, he's just selfish and doesn't want to listen to whatever anyone else has to say.

* 7 hours pass and she finally gets a text message from Justin*

"I'm sorry, Gabby. Can you meet me outside your house in 10 minutes?"

Ohh, now he's sorry. Whateverrr

"Fine." I texted back.

"Please don't be mad. I didn't mean anything I said."

I didn't feel like texting him back, I'll just meet him outside my house in 10 minutes.

*10 minutes pass*

So now Justin blames me for this whole thing and stood me up. I bet his precious beliebers wouldn't like to hear about that. Remember when I was a belieber? HA! If i actually knew his personality, I so wouldn't have fell for him. 

*5 more minutes pass*

Is that him.....with a girl?

No, it wasn't just any girl. It was Miranda, a.k.a. the biggest bitch in our school and thinks she knows everything about everything.....ew

I then see them kiss. I kinda felt.. I know I said I didn't really care about Justin anymore, but there's one part of me that actually does care.

Justin kept looking over at me, like he wanted me to be jealous or something. If that's how he wants to on






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