Angels on the Floor

this is a poem I made in honor of the victims of the Newtown shooting. enjoy :)


1. .

 laughing down the hallway

 playing in the classroom

just like any other day

not knowing what would come soon

a simple goodbye

not knowing it's the last

happiness in your eyes

as you skip off to class

dreams that won't be reached

personalities that won't grow

words that you won't speak

a world you'll never know

lives that ended

before they began

hearts never mended

like it was in our plan

the cold morning that awaits

won't be filled with cheer

we'll just continue to pray

hoping that you'll hear

gifts remain unwrapped

bows remain untied

toys remain intact

hearts remain in cries

all your wishes would have come true

and the day is not the same without you

angels in the sky

laughter in the clouds

the joy in your wide eyes

will always be closed now

the sound that brought down

still echoes through my mind

I'd be taking you home now

if you still had time

angels on the floor to be left alone

angels on the floor are not coming home

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