We Have to Say Goodbye

I never thought of letting you go. I never wanted to hurt you. I never mean for things to happen, but they just do.Some days I wish I could just disappear, hide for all the pain, hide from you.


2. I Love You....

12, Sept. 2012

I shook nervously as I watched him sit down right in front of me. This was my chance. I've been crushing on him for nearly a month. However, because I was so shy, I could never find the courage to really confess my feelings to him. He was so kind and he always seemed so happy. Every time he smiled at me, I felt a flutter in my stomach and me heart would beat faster. When he saw me, he smiled. He approached me, I shyly turned me eyes to the floor. He smiled and sat down. I looked up at him, blushing lightly, and wrote down my confession. "Andrew...." I whispered, pocking his back. He imminently turned around, "Ya?" I pulled out the note and handed it to him. He stared at me in surprise. He took a moment to processes what I just did. Then, he turned back around and opened it. He didn't hesitate to grabbed a pencil and write back. I opened it and smiled, he felt the same towards me. I couldn't stop, but smiled to myself. From that day on, we were always together. I felt safe in his presence and he felt accepted by me. His friends accepted me and my friends approved of him. Our love grew stronger with every day that passed.

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