We Have to Say Goodbye

I never thought of letting you go. I never wanted to hurt you. I never mean for things to happen, but they just do.Some days I wish I could just disappear, hide for all the pain, hide from you.


1. Where it all began

10, Sept. 2012

The air was colder than usual, trees swayed back and forth as the wind picked up. I sat on my bed, stirring outside. I picked up my blue inked pen and began to write. "S,a,m,a,n,t,h,a" I whispered quietly to myself.  I was trying to fill out an application for my dream school. Only problem it was 5, 610.871 miles away from my home. I live in Santa Barbara, which means the school is in Paris, France. Drawing is my life, I literally can't live without it. And that's why I have to go for this opportunity. Even if it means going behind my parents back and signing up. It's not like I'm actually going to get in. I mean come on, they only except eight people every year! My chances are very little. There was a soft knock on the door, "Sam, can I come in?" It was my little brother. "Not right now!" I said, pushing the application under my purple pillow. The door swung open. "What the hell?!" I yelled, getting up and pushing my brother out the door. The paper manged to slip out of where I put it. I closed the door and locked it. 'What if he saw the paper, what if he is going to tell dad?' The voice in my head was scramming all these what if, questions. I had to calm down. 'He saw nothing, right?' "Ya, he didn't." I muttered to myself. I shock my head in disbelief, was I actually taking to myself? 8:07 pm. I had just finished filling out everything. I slipped the paper back into the bright orange envelop, and placed it onto my shelf. Since it was a school night, I got ready for bed and turned off the light. Everything went dark.

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