Will He Still Love Her After He Knows Her Secret.

This story is about Niall Horan finding the love of his life and about the challenges that he will have to face to be happy. But does he know everything that there is to the love of his life or she keeping a deep secret that even he doesn't imagine? And well if you wanna know more I guess that you'll have to read the story and find out.


3. Bumping Into Each Other Again.


*2 months later* Sophia just got out of Law School when she decided to go to Nando's and get a pizza before she went to pick up Aiden at daycare and than go home. But what she didn't know was who she was going to see again. Sophia walks into Nando's, orders her pizza and is on her way out when someone opens the door for her and than when she walks out and is about to say thank you to the person holding the door for her, she looks into his eyes again.   Sophia : What are the odds of me seeing you here. Niall: Yeah I know right. Well I'm glad that this happened. Sophia: Why? Niall: Sorry, I know that that may have sounded weird, but just seeing you made my day. Sophia: Really? And why would that be? Niall: I don't know, but there's just something about you. Sophia: Um well I don't know what to say to that.. Thanks I guess. Niall: You welcome.   *Sophia looks at her watch and realizes that she's late.*   Sophia: Hey well I could stay here all day long and talk to you more and what not, but I'm late and I have to go now. It was nice seeing and talking to you again Niall, bye. Niall: Same her Sophia? It's Sophia isn't it? Sophia: Yeah, whoa can't believe that you remembered my name. Weird. Niall: Well how could I forget the name of a beautiful girl like you. Sophia: Thanks. (: But I really have to go bye. Niall: Well I'll take you home if you want. Sophia: No that's okay. Niall, I really gotta go bye. Niall: Please let me take you or at least drop you off a block away from where you live. Sophia: Okay, but let's hurry because I really am late Niall. Niall: Okay let's go then.
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