Falling for you

''I guess you think being Liam Paynes sister is easy but No its not!Ever since that day, the day Simon put the boys together, Was the best day i lived!When i met Niall Horan I knew he would be a bestfriend!going on tour with my brother and having to stay with my bestfriend will change my relationship with Niall!Will i fall for him?


1. Surprise!

 Sophie's P.O.V

    I woke up. Feeling good. I sat up and streched my body. I stood upand walked to the shower.Feeling the water flow down my body made me feel relaxing. So i took a nap. I heard my brother band on the door. I stood up got out the shower and walked out. I saw Liam,my brother,sitting on my bedand he chuckle.What? Get out I'm gonig to change!!

Liam's P.O.V

    Wait i need to tell you something.Niall I here. He's down stairs. "Really!", her high pitched squeel hurt my ears. I can tell she was exited.

Sophie's P.O.V

  Does it look Obvious that im exited? I think i read his mind because he gave me a WTF look. I know because it happens most of the time. Sometimes I think we should have been twins.We look exactly the same except i look way prettier. I look and look for some thing to wear untill i stumble into my mint blouse with a white collar.I decide to wear my white waist high shorts. I tuck in my blouse and put on my mint colored high heels with a cute bow on it. I come out my closet. I look at my self Stunned to see how cute this outfit looks! I put my hair up in a donut bun and walk down stairs.There i see niall in a red Chicago bulls snap back, white shirt,tan jeans,and red nikes. Sexy as always!... Wait did i just think this, We are best friends!!

Niall's P.O.V

  Wow! Is all that came out of my mouth. Shee blushes. She runs down to me and hugs me. I haven't seen her since the UAN Tour.So i decided to ask if she could come with us on the TMH tour!! "Hey we need to talk,I was wondering ,love, if you wanted to come on tour with us i alredy got permission from your mom?"'SURPRISE"all the lads come out on que yelling.

Sophie's P.O.V

Of Course i will,I say. I hugged him once more. He told me to go pack because we were leaving the next day. I run up stairs.I put every thing i can find.Man I love Niall so much..Fuck Stop thinking like this We Are friends



Sorry for the short and crappy chapter!:( Follow My instagram @fanfics_outfits101 I will post the outfits the characters wear!!!!Hope you like!!!


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