Falling for you

''I guess you think being Liam Paynes sister is easy but No its not!Ever since that day, the day Simon put the boys together, Was the best day i lived!When i met Niall Horan I knew he would be a bestfriend!going on tour with my brother and having to stay with my bestfriend will change my relationship with Niall!Will i fall for him?


2. Best Morning Ever!



Sophie's P.O.V

  "mom im going to miss you!!"I didnt want to leave her alone."baby, it'll miss you too!"Her voice rand in my head beautifuly.The always had a way of calming me down.

Liam's P.O.V

   I really didn't like the idea of Sophie coming with us. I don't know where  she is going to sleep.There is only 5 rooms in each hotel we are staying in andthe tour bus only has 5 beds!!I fell asleep thinking and worried about what to do.

Sophie's P.O.V

 I couldn't sleep i was to exicited!Eventually i fell asleep.


Wake up we are going to be late for the plane.It leaves in 30 min!!!I heard Liam Yell in my face.

I groone, and walk to my closet pull out a sports bra put it on and then put my Jack Will hoodie Niall Gave me for Christmas last year. Then i go to Liams Room and "borrow" one of his puma Sweats.I put my hair is a messy bun and grab my Iphone along with my purse an Ray Bans.Liam Come Help me with My bags I yell while struggling to pull them out off my room."I'll help you Love!"Niall whispers in my ear from behind.I jump a little and he chuckles as he goes down stairs.How did he get up here??

Nialls P.O.V

I heard Sophie yell to Liam for help.I was in Liams bathroom And i came out and told her that i will help.I think she got starttled because i litterly popped out of nowhere.I chuckled as i took her bags.Once I put the bags in the back of the Range Rover ,i heard Sophie whisper in my ear that she will get me back and then kissed my cheek. I blushed!then she hit my bum and walked away. As she walked away I yelled "Nice bum Babe!"

Sophie's P.O.V

As i walked away i heard Niall yell Nice bum! I ran to him and he started to run so i decided to chase him. He stopped and i ran in to him and we fell.There we stared into each others eyes.Fall ing deeply in love with his i leaned in and kissed him.

Niall P.O.V

  Staring at her Eyes falling even more i love with her.I thought this was the chance to fina- My thoughts were cut off as her lips crashed into mine!! It felt as if she read my mind.I went along with her!One of the Best Nights Ever!



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