Falling for you

''I guess you think being Liam Paynes sister is easy but No its not!Ever since that day, the day Simon put the boys together, Was the best day i lived!When i met Niall Horan I knew he would be a bestfriend!going on tour with my brother and having to stay with my bestfriend will change my relationship with Niall!Will i fall for him?


3. An "accident"



          Liam's P.O.V


                   I couldn't fine Sophie, so i walked out to put my bags in the back of the car,When i stumble into A Sophie and    Niall Making out! I cough and chuckle.


       Sophie's P.O.V


             Having the best Morning ever turns into the worst in seconds. I hear Liam couch with annoyince "fuck' i mumble Busted! I jump off of Niall and he jumps up as well blushing. " Liam omG ! it was an accident!!" "hey ill meet you guys in the car"Niall inturpts while scractching the back of his head . Damit , Did i  really say that? It Was NOT an accident!


Niall's P.O.V


 "It was an Accident" she said . I swear my heart just broke into pieces."I'll Meet you guys in the car" I said.I walked away feeling ashamed,hurt,and friend zoned.


  Sophie's P.O.V

"see liam!!!" i yelled and ran to the car to catch up with Niall.

Sophie: hey

Niall: Hi

Sophie: Sorry abo-

Niall:Look about the kiss earlier ..umm.. can we forget about it and pretend it didnt happen?


I managed to curve the corners of my lips.If only it was that easy ,If only i could tell you!


Niall'S P.O.V


  It was hard to say that."so back to normal...Best friend" i say trying too look happy.I think she noticed  but i didn't care. "Yea back to normal.. Best friend.' Best friend. how i hated those words right now! hate being in the "friend zone" with Sophie. I wanted Sophie to be Mine My Love,Because one day "I Would" (hehe see what i did there;) make her mine.

Liam's P.O.V


Seeing this just fasinated me. I knew Niall Liked her And i knew Sophie liked him .Its just maybe they think they dont have feeling for each other.I really would like to help but right now isnt the right time when my sister is really mad.Apoligizing with sibbling is the hardest.!   





Hey guys Sorry i havent upated my laptop had gotten messed up and i just got the bloody thing back haha !!well sorry  oh happy new years !!!! sorry for the short crapy chapter !!! I have writers block if you have any ideas please kik me At :UnderaNiallspell thanks guys i love you!!!

- Monica






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