One Direction Complications: When They're Not Famous

Prologue: Mayzi has had a complicated love life. First off she met Justin Bieber, and they almost got married. Then she dated Colton who ended up being a complete jerk. Later she met Nick, and they almost worked out, until he cheated on her. She met Toby, and that worked for months until she realized her one and only was Niall. This was THE ONE, but that didn’t come without struggles from the past and her controlling parents. But happens when these struggles include other love interests? Will she end up with Niall or will there be another?


2. Homeroom

(Toby’s POV)

                My jaw dropped. There she was, and she changed so much over break. Not just appearance wise, but confidence wise as well. I have to admit I liked it… a lot. I was with a group of friends, and I didn’t want to be rude and leave. I just kept starring, and then Niall came up. That bastard! I still hadn’t gotten over him flirting with Mayzi. “Hey Toby,” Niall said walking up to me. I put a smile on, and tried not to stare anymore. “What’s up?” I said trying to act like I was ok. “I need to talk to you in homeroom.” he said a little nervous. Oh no, this can’t be good. “Sure,” is all I said back.

                (Mayzi’s POV)

                I noticed Toby staring at me. It was a little weird, but that was the idea. He is such a flirt. Niall came to his locker after talking to Toby. (His locker is like two down from mine) We didn’t talk at the locker because we didn’t want Toby to get suspicious. Niall looked so adorable. We had hung out a lot over break, and I had only seen him last night, but I had missed him. I got to homeroom, and sat down by my friend El. “Hey,” she said with a smile growing on her face. “I missed you so much!” I sat giving her a hug. Then Toby walked in. I was so nervous to see how he’d react. He sat down right in front of me. Well this would be awkward. Then Niall walked in and sat next to Toby, and they seemed to be having a normal conversation. Something didn’t feel right though. I felt an under-tone anger to Toby’s voice. Then I started to wonder if he already knew. I decided it would be better if I talked to him, “Niall, can we switch places for a minute?” “Sure, but don’t take long,” he said with a nervous look.

                (Toby’s POV)

                I was starting to think I was missing something. First Niall said he needed to talk to me, and now Mayzi is coming to talk to me about who knows what. Then as Mayzi and Niall switched seats she whispered something to him. “Toby?” Niall said nervously. “Yea?” I said hesitantly. “First we want you to know that we didn’t plan on this happening; it just sort of did.” Mayzi said a little more confident. What?! Did she just say WE as in her and Niall? “Well, over break Mayzi and I were texting, just a normal conversation, but then we started talking about Friday during the class party and it sort of slipped out that we both had feelings for each other,” Niall said with a nervous glance, “after that we didn’t talk for a while, and I was starting to question what I should do about the situation.” What?! Who does he think he is I love Mayzi. I know I told her we couldn’t be together, but he knows I still love her. I want to know where this leads to though, so I let him continue. “I decided that I needed to see what would happen between us, so I went to her house and asked her to be my girlfriend.” Niall said noticing I was getting frustrated. “Forget it!” Mayzi said. I noticed she was getting impatient. “Niall and I are dating, and I honestly don’t even remember why I cared to tell you before anyone else!” She burst out not able to take it any longer. What was I going to do? Mayzi and I were never officially a couple, so she’s not my ex and there really isn’t anything I can do about it. I was definitely po’d though.

                (Mayzi’s POV)

                I burst. I couldn’t take it. Toby was way past furious and Niall was about to break down, so I felt I should get it over with.  Honestly I knew my feelings for Toby would probably never completely go away, but I had to move on just as he did. “I’m sorry, I just had to get it over with,” I said close to tears. I went up to my teacher, and asked to use the restroom. As soon as I got there I started crying. Thank goodness El came soon after she realized what had happened, and came to comfort me. “ We both knew you had to move on at some point,” she said as she pulled me into a tight hug, “ you couldn’t keep waiting for him, and he shouldn’t have let you go if he still had feelings.” I just didn’t want to see Toby hurt. Honestly he probably was more mad than hurt, and I knew he wasn’t going to give up that easy. Now that he knows about Niall and I he will do everything in his power to win me back. I would be ready.

                (Niall’s POV)

                Mayzi had run to the bathroom almost to tears. I knew she still cared about Toby, and I did too. He has been my best friend since who knows when, but I couldn’t cover my feelings for Mayzi. Whenever she was near my heart would beat twice as fast, and I would get butterflies in my stomach. Toby was mad though. I knew it wasn’t about Mayzi. It was about me. I had totally broken one of the biggest rules in friendship and dating ever. I dated my best friend’s sort of ex-girlfriend. “What were you thinking Niall?” Toby was screaming now, and the whole class was watching; I knew he didn’t care though. “Mr. Monroe?” I asked hoping to be let into the hall. It was like he read my mind. “Go ahead into the hall boys, but don’t interrupt other classes.” He said patiently. Toby and I went to the hall, and I tried to explain. “Toby, you can’t be mad. You told her it wasn’t going to work, and she had to move on eventually.” I said a little nervous. “I know that Niall, but I didn’t expect my best friend to ask her out!” Toby was starting to yell now. “Not to mention you know I still really liked her!” starting to calm down a little. I can’t believe he doesn’t get it. “Toby, you broke her heart, I care about her she feels the same; it just sort of happened,” I said trying to stay calm, “you have no right to be mad because you ‘broke up’ with her.” I saw his face go from angry to guilty in an instant. I knew I had proven my point, but maybe I had gone too far.

                (Mayzi’s POV)

                I saw Niall and Toby out in the hall, and I knew that couldn’t be good. When I saw Toby’s face he looked really guilty, and I knew exactly what Niall had said. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Finally someone had told him what I needed him to realize. He had no right to hold onto me after he told me, “we don’t have enough in common for it to work out.” He was such a jerk. Plus he still flirted ALL the time. I was sick of it, so the half day before break I flirted with a group of guys RIGHT in front of him. It worked and he got jealous and left. Niall was there and honestly I hadn’t needed to pretend to flirt with him I truly was, and he noticed. Not that I cared.

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