One Direction Complications: When They're Not Famous

Prologue: Mayzi has had a complicated love life. First off she met Justin Bieber, and they almost got married. Then she dated Colton who ended up being a complete jerk. Later she met Nick, and they almost worked out, until he cheated on her. She met Toby, and that worked for months until she realized her one and only was Niall. This was THE ONE, but that didn’t come without struggles from the past and her controlling parents. But happens when these struggles include other love interests? Will she end up with Niall or will there be another?


4. Been Awhile- fill in-

(Mayzi's POV)

It's the end of school. Niall and I broke up three months ago. We just realized we were better as friends, and I didn't want to deal with the drama with Toby. Also soccer at my high school tok over my life. Having it every day after school made it impossible to see each other outside of school. After Niall and I broke up I started seeing this guy Tyler. We dated for two months until we both realized that we had too much in common that we didn't have much to talk about. Toby still hasn't given up. Honestly, I want to get back together with him, but I'm afraid of getting hurt again.




A/N: This is just to let you know what's happened because I had major writers block and decided I needed to move forward. I am working on writing the next chapter and it should be up by next weekend because I have soccer and church camp from this Friday to next Friday so I'm crazy busy. I am slow at updating so I'm gonna write chapters way ahead and update every so often, but with soccer starting back with school I won't have much time to write. Like, comment, and favorite plz!

Love ya<3

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