One Direction Complications: When They're Not Famous

Prologue: Mayzi has had a complicated love life. First off she met Justin Bieber, and they almost got married. Then she dated Colton who ended up being a complete jerk. Later she met Nick, and they almost worked out, until he cheated on her. She met Toby, and that worked for months until she realized her one and only was Niall. This was THE ONE, but that didn’t come without struggles from the past and her controlling parents. But happens when these struggles include other love interests? Will she end up with Niall or will there be another?


3. After Two Hours

(Niall’s POV)

                We were all back in class now. Good all we had to do was get through two classes then Mayzi and I would have opposite classes as Toby. Toby is still my friend, but right now it’s too awkward and we need to talk out of school. “Hey,” Mayzi said walking in, “El wants a picture of us.” “Sure,” I said hoping my worry didn’t show. El took a picture of us and asked to post it online. Then as soon as she did my phone got a notification from Facebook saying I was tagged in a photo with Mayzi. I chuckled at the caption, “Look at the schools newest happy couple!” That reminded me that I needed to change my relationship status. “Hey Mayzi,” I said grabbing her attention, “Don’t you think it’s time we change our relationship status?” “Yeah, sure.” She said, but I felt like there was a hesitation in her voice.


                (Mayzi’s POV)

                Niall said he wanted to make our relationship official, and I was happy about it. Except I hadn’t told him that I wasn’t allowed to date. I loved my parents it’s just that they try to protect me from everything. It’s complicated to do anything because they always need to know every detail. When it comes to dating it’s the worst though. They don’t think I’m old enough, and I don’t even know when I’m allowed to. They are great parents, and I respect them, but when it comes to the little details like what I can and can’t say we just don’t agree. Especially my mom and I, and to make it short we may look alike but we are nothing alike.

                I don’t know how to tell Niall. He seems so excited, but I just can’t. “Are you ok with that?” he said with concern. “I’m fine. It’s just… I can’t tell my parents about Us,” this is harder than I thought, “I didn’t want to tell you this because I thought you might not go out with me, but… I’m not allowed to date.” Seeing the hurt in his eyes was killing me. “Ok that’s fine, but I wish you would have told me.” He said with more understanding. Then I looked down at my phone, and got a notification saying I was tagged in El’s photo. I looked at it, and my jaw dropped. If my parents ever saw this they would kill me.

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