One Direction Complications: When They're Not Famous

Prologue: Mayzi has had a complicated love life. First off she met Justin Bieber, and they almost got married. Then she dated Colton who ended up being a complete jerk. Later she met Nick, and they almost worked out, until he cheated on her. She met Toby, and that worked for months until she realized her one and only was Niall. This was THE ONE, but that didn’t come without struggles from the past and her controlling parents. But happens when these struggles include other love interests? Will she end up with Niall or will there be another?


1. Finally

(Mayzi’s POV)

                Today was the first day of school since winter break, and I was psyched. I would get to see all my friends after three weeks of being away. Then I remembered Toby didn’t yet know about Niall and I getting together, and since Niall and him had been friends since who knows when he said he would tell Toby. This was going to be one of the best and most complicated days yet. First I did my make-up, just some eyeliner and mascara, then I got dressed in a pair of brown high- wasted skinny jeans, a purple and gold patterned blouse and purple flats.

(Niall’s POV)

                Today was the day I had been dreading for the past two weeks. The day I had to tell Toby about me and Mayzi. Mayzi, how I would give anything to be with her right now. She was amazing, her smile just made me melt in love. “Shake out of it Niall,” I said to myself. I needed to focus on how I would break the news to Toby. I mean his best friend and ‘ex-girlfriend’ were now together, and in love as I might add. I know it seems fast since only actually been together for a week and a half now, but we knew each other way before that and were actually quit close if you ask me. I got ready and hopped on the bus and was ready for the day ahead.

(Toby’s POV)

                Finally, I was going to get to see Mayzi again after three weeks of being apart. Even though we never dated we had a thing. We texted ALL the time, hung out at school, sat by each other in class, etc. Honestly, I was the reason we didn’t happen I told her our lives were to different to mesh well, but inside I still loved her. I still do. Before break she flirted with a group of guys I was sitting with, but not me, and I was hurt so bad I left. It was hard to hear them talking. I did everything I could to get her to flirt with me, but she didn’t budge. I know I know, it’s my fault, but I didn’t think she’d get over me that easily. The worst part was, my friend Niall flirted back with her. He knows I still like her!!! What does he think he’s doing?!?! Shoot! The bus is here I grabbed my backpack, and ran out the door.

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