Aura (cover competition)

This used to be my gift. I could read people's emotions - see their souls. It was my job. Now that I'm dead and am a guardian, my power has spread throughout the world and anyone can read a soul by searching the eyes. Only a small few have discovered it, most don't even know such a thing exists. Everyone can do it, only one person can do it right. But anyone can make it dangerous.


2. Two

The first thing I took in when I woke up were the white hospital walls. I sat up to find myself attached to a load of wires. There was no one else in the room with me which left me to adjust. I laid back down and frowned. The last thing I remembered was David walking out of my house. Before I could uncover anymore if the story, a kind looking female nurse came into the room, smiling. "Hello honey," she said to me, her eyes full of pity. " how're you doing?"  

I thought for a second. How was I doing? "Well I'm awake aren't I? How did I get here?"  

Her eyes softened. "You don't remember?" 

Well no otherwise I wouldn't be asking would I? "No." I replied, ignoring my inner voice.  

Her red curls bounced as she sat down "you fainted and hit your head on a sideboard. You're recovering from your op at the moment."  

I reached for my head and felt the stitches. "Oh," I sighed "where are my parents?" 

She bowed her head and started fiddling with something in her hands. "You don't remember that either." 

It was more of a statement than a question. 

"Remember what?" I asked her, a look of confusion spreading across my face. 

She looked back up. "Your parents are um.. In a room not far from here."  

Now I was even more confused. "What room? Can I see them?" 

"Honey," she got up from her chair and walked over to me, "they're in hospital too. They were in a freak car accident. Something about faulty brakes."  

Then it all came rushing back to me; David, the news, passing out. 

I struggled for breath and machines started beeping. Sound was now so faraway. I could see the nurse scream something and then people rushing in to the room. They stared getting out a bunch of medical tools and screaming orders at each other - none of which I could hear. All that was in my ears was just a muffled beep. A man with a green mask on leaned over and shone a bright light in my eyes. That was all I saw before I blacked out again.


When I woke up this time, reality hit me like a ton of bricks. Tears started uncontrollably but silently streaming down my face. I struggled in my bed and eventually tore off my wires. 

Stomping out the room, the only thought running through my head was said in the red headed nurses voice 'they're in a room not too far from here.'  

No-one really took any notice of me as I strolled down the corridors of the the hospital. All the staff were too wrapped up in their paperwork to even see. 

After a I'd passed a few rooms I finally came to halt outside one patients door. It wasn't my parents room. But David's. 

I stood there staring at his family who were crying over his unmoving body. I took one look at his monitor and knew for sure he was just waiting to be taken to a morgue. More tears rolled off my cheeks and my heart burned more than it ever had. 

I loved this boy. I was sure I loved him. And now he can't love me back. He can't feel any emotions.  

And then suddenly I realised something. I realised the reason he was dead. My parents had run him over. MY OWN MUM AND DAD! I let out a little hysterical laugh. I guess he did have a reason to fear my parents then. I blew him a kiss and wished him luck in heaven. I peered through the window to the next room. Sure enough it was my mum. She was the one who was driving at the time. I know this because my dad doesn't drive - well, can't drive. I could see how bad a condition she was in and prayed to god that she would live. 

I turned the door handle and walked in.  

Standing next to her bed made the fact that she could die at any moment even more real. She couldn't have run him over on purpose could she? She's not that heartless. Careless maybe - but a very loving person in general. What was it that the nurse had said? 'Faulty brakes or something'. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a closing door. I turned to see my father. Standing with a look of agony on his face. "Let's go hone now dear," he whispered to me. 

"B..b..but mum?" I asked confused, turning back the the still figure on the bed. 

"She's not gonna live darling." He told me, a tear running down his bearded face. 

So many questions were flooding my head right now I felt like it was going to implode! What had gone wrong with the world? You don't just leave a dying loved one in a hospital on their own! And I thought dad was injured too? He looked fine to me! 

"Say your goodbyes and we'll go." He turned to walk out of the room so I kissed mum on the head and followed. 

We sat in silence the whole car journey. But when we got inside I burst like a water balloon.  

"What the hell us going on?" I shouted. Dad just slumped in the sofa, as calm as can be. "How can you be so relaxed?" I screamed in his face. "You ran over my Dave! He's dead!" My voice lowered and I started to cry once again. "Mums in there dying and we just left her? What the hell is with that?" 

"Vii," he started calmly, a blank expression spread across his face, "I didn't want to be there to witness your mothers death. And I'm sure you don't either." 

Another tear "what makes you so sure she won't survive?" I mumble quietly, with a whimper. 

Dad patted a seat next to him on the sofa and I snuggled up into his chest. "I know it's not very optimistic of me. But I know what will happen. I guess you could call it instinct." He told me whilst stroking my hair. "Now I've got a lot of explaining to do to you tomorrow - and it's going to come as a big shock. So just get some rest and I'll wake you up in the morning."  

So I fell asleep right there and then. With my dad who I loved so much, who ran over my boyfriend.

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