Aura (cover competition)

This used to be my gift. I could read people's emotions - see their souls. It was my job. Now that I'm dead and am a guardian, my power has spread throughout the world and anyone can read a soul by searching the eyes. Only a small few have discovered it, most don't even know such a thing exists. Everyone can do it, only one person can do it right. But anyone can make it dangerous.


3. Three

I woke up in my bed although I distinctly remember falling asleep with my dad on the sofa. I heard a slight knock and sat up. "Come in," I said to the anonymous person behind my bedroom door. I say anonymous, but there's only one person it could be. 

He entered slowly, with a breakfast tray containing a plate of bacon and eggs. There was also a mug of which the contents smelled suspiciously like coffee.  

He handed me my breakfast in bed. "Eat up then," he said with sad a smile, "come downstairs when you're ready." 

He got up to walk away but I stopped him by calling his name. 

He turned to me by the door. "Yes darling?" 

"Thank you. I love you." 

"You too." 

He smiled again and walked out of the room.

The bacon and eggs were devoured in a matter if minutes. I had to wait a while for the coffee to cool down but it was worth the wait. Strong and sugary, just how I like it. 

I slipped on some jeans and a hoodie and trudged downstairs. 

My dad was sitting once again on the sofa watching our old TV. Today his choice of clothing consisted of a plain green t-shirt, flares, and blue tinted, round rimmed glasses. All he needed was a brown waistcoat with ribbons on and he would be a proper old-school hippie. 

He turned suddenly when he spotted me. As he patted a space next to him as a gesture for me to sit down, I noticed the tear marks running down his cheeks. 

I sat down as he told me:"I've got a lot I need to tell you Vii," he started, "I'm really trusting you to be able to handle it." 

I nodded. I'm sixteen now. I'm practically an adult. 

"Well, me and your mum are... different from the rest of us," he continued. I wondered where he was going with this. "We.. Can do things that... Others can't." 

I raised an eyebrow, "so you're saying that you and mum are witches and wizards?" Me being the sarcastic fuck I am, I couldn't help myself saying this. 

"We'll..." Dad said, contemplating my thoughts. "Close, actually." 

"What the hell?" I shout, burning even my own ears. "How can you be 'close to a wizard'? Nows not the time to fuck with me dad! My mother - your wife, is in bloody hospital!" 

"Just sit down, Vii," he says calmly, "there really is no need to shout. Why would I be fucking with you? Like you said, the woman I love is in hospital. And as she lays there, you're swearing and shouting." 

I slumped back down onto the sofa, feeling really, really bad. 

"Just hear me out." My father said. I nodded. 

"Well, me and your mother have been blessed with um... special talents. Only a small few in the whole world have gifts like ours." 

"So what are theses so-called gifts then?" 

And it went from there. He told me the biggest secret anyone could have ever kept from me. He told me about how mums gift was to read people. Sometimes by their eyes, but mostly using the colours that radiated off of them. He then explained that this as called an Aura. He told me about how his gift matched perfectly with mums - he brought out the side of people that they were hiding deep inside. He told me about how mother would read someone to check if there's a side if them that they're not showing, then if they are, my father would bring out that side. 

"So you see, me and mother are different. The correct term for us would be guardians, although we don't actually turn into them until we die." He looked down at this point, his eyes draining of the happiness of old memories - and darkening with the horror if new ones. 

"Vii," he said, still looking down. "There's no denying it, we both know your mothers on the verge if death." A single tear ran down his face and I just felt like bundling him up in a great big massive hug. But I knew I had to wait for what was going to be said first. 

"Vii, w- when she..." He can't quite finish his sentence but I got the jist of it. 

"Well honey.. You'll gain her powers. Well actually they'll spread out all over the world. But only you'll be able to do it properly. Anyone who can figure it out will be able to read a soul by searching the eyes. But you'll be the only one who'll be able to read Auras as well." 

I was in shock. I sat there, perfectly still. In shock. I didn't move one little bit. I may have even stopped breathing. Who can tell?  

Believing that there were such things as 'guardian angels' in the world is one thing. 

My mum, my dad, and now me, being one - is another.

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