Aura (cover competition)

This used to be my gift. I could read people's emotions - see their souls. It was my job. Now that I'm dead and am a guardian, my power has spread throughout the world and anyone can read a soul by searching the eyes. Only a small few have discovered it, most don't even know such a thing exists. Everyone can do it, only one person can do it right. But anyone can make it dangerous.


1. One

"Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?" I whispered to David as I laid on my pillow on top of his lap. My parents weren't due home for another hour but I felt the need to lower my voice. "No Vii," he laughed "I can safely say i haven't. But as your boyfriend I think I should know if you mean being watched by other sixteen year boys or just standard 'being watched'?"
"No I'm serious!" I say defensively. "it's like I've got an.. an.. I don't know, a guardian or something? And he's watching down on me, day and night."
He chuckled.
"What?" I say, still not moving from my place on the pillow.
"Oh nothing. I just love how you assume your guardians a boy."
"Yeah well it's sexist to think that because most angels are girls, a guardian angel can't be male."
He chuckled again. God I loved that. "Yes but in all fairness have you ever heard a father say to his son 'you're my little angel'?"
Now it was my turn to laugh.
He made a noise that sounded like checking his phone, then shuffled in his seat.
"Whats the matter?" I asked, finally getting up from the pillow. He took it off his lap and stood up. Looking out the window and straightening his jeans he said, "I should be going soon."
"What's the matter with you Dave?" I say, slumping back onto my sofa bed. "Why do you think that my parents don't like you? You've made a great impression on them so far. If anything they love you!"
His expression was hard to read at this point. He made his way towards the door and shrugged, "Better safe than sorry. Love you babe." He walked out of my room and down the stairs. I couldn't even be bothered to run after him and give him a hug and kiss like I normally do. He'd done this so many times now! It's like he's got some phobia of my parents. But there's nothing scary about them, they're only hippies. I mean, take my name for example; who calls their daughter Vibrant unless they've got an unlimited supply to make them high? My name got too embarrassing (Vibrant Whipper -_-) at the age of seven so I started to make everyone call me Vii (pronounced Vee. As in Wii= Wee). I however am the very opposite of my mum and dad. The only thing we all share is looks. I took my scruffy, frizzy hair from my dad but the colour of light brown from my mum. I have very big eyes which come from both sides of the family and are a mixture of green and blue. My figure and weight are fairly average but I did take a few curves and long legs from my mother. I guess you could say I stand out from the crowd, but you'd only see me in said crowd because of my strange appearance. That's why I try to blend in with everyone - to make me look normal.
I spread out on my sofa-bed, making it appear more bed than sofa at this moment in time. I let out a long sigh. What was I supposed to do now then? I guess I could call Isobel... No, she'd just rattle on about how rich she was and blah blah blah! Maybe I could ring Charlie? Yeah, Charlie's good. I searched around for my phone but gave up after five minutes had passed. 'Oh shite I left it at Dave's.' I said to myself. 'I'll Skype Jamie then, seeing as Laura's on holiday.' I added as an afterthought.
I went downstairs to get my laptop an realised I'd left the TV on. I walked across the green flowery rug (not my choice by the way - I wanted a plain red fluffy one) to turn it off but something caught my eye. They were mentioning my parents names someone else's too. At first I didn't recognise what the channel was, but when I stepped back and turned up the volume, I could see it was the news. THE BLOODY NEWS? What the fuck were they doing in the news? I sucked in my breath and clenched mg eyes tight. All that could be heard was the male newsreaders voice in the otherwise silent room.
"Flora and Ernie Whipper have been found horrifically injured due to the effects of a terrible car accident," the newsreader 'Jenette' told me, my eyes widened as I listened harder, "The victim of the accident David Kogler, came face to face with his death when he was tragically hit by the Whippers. They are currently in hospital undergoing serious medical treatment."
David Kolger? My David. Dead? I stared blankly at the television screen for a moment, not taking anything in.
I finally let out the breath I'd sucked in.
Then I fainted.
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