No Matter How Hard I Try (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Taylor Bell, an ordinary 19 year old girl from Wolverhampton, has always tried to fit in... But it just never worked. She only has one real friend, Jessie, they met when she moved to the US to start her new life three years ago, she wanted to get away from everything. I forgot to mention...Taylor used to be Liam Payne's best friend, who she's always been unconditionally in love with. They were best friends their whole life until Liam got put in a band called One Direction. When Liam comes to the US for their tour, he runs into Taylor, but he doesn't recognize her at first. Taylor starts to fall for him again, and someone else... But is there someone in the way of them being together?


2. "Starbucks," Tickets, and Convincing


*Jessie's POV*

I cannot believe what I just heard on the radio! One Direction is actually coming to Columbus! I was fangirling inside, but I had to try to hide it so I wouldn't make Taylor upset. I'm a hardcore Directioner, so that's really hard to do, but I held it in. I have to get tickets. Maybe meet and greets, hey I could only dream! But I wouldn't have anyone to go with because Taylor's my only friend really. I lost contact with all my friends from high school, and I didn't make a lot of friends from college.

"I cannot believe they're actually having a concert right here in Columbus, I mean I knew they're on tour in America, I just didn't think it would be so close to me." Taylor said and sighed "Well I just can't get away from them." I was still fangirling inside, so I hesitated and thought what I should say to that "Y-y-yeah. That's crazy." Taylor gave me a "What the fuck, is that all you can say?" look, and turns her head back to the road. Wow Jess, is that all you could come up with?

We finally arrive at work, I really don't want to spend my Sunday making coffee for people, but it pays rent so I'll have to deal with it. All I can think about is getting those tickets. I will get those tickets one way or another. I wonder if they're not sold out already.

*Jessie's lunch break*

"Hey babe, do you mind if I take your car & go to Starbucks?" I asked innocently to Taylor, I needed an excuse to leave, I was tired of this hellhole. She gave me a confused look. "Uh Jess, we work at a coffee shop." Shit. I didn't think about that one. "Well....Yeah... I know that... But they have the new... mango berry mint mocha out and I really wanted to try it!" I said with a convincing smile. She still was looking at me confused, trying to decide if I was telling the truth or not. She stared at me for a while then sighed, "Mango berry mint mocha? All you had to simply say was can I borrow your car?" She knows I'm a terrible liar. I smiled, "So can I borrow your car?" She laughed and rolled her eyes "Okay, Smartass. Don't be long. You only have a 45 minute lunch." She threw me the keys to her car, I gave her a smile, and walked out of the mall. I didn't have to walk far because since most shops didn't open until 10, and we got there at 8, we always had a front parking spot. I unlocked the car and slid in, shutting the door behind me. I put the keys in the agnition and pulled out of the mall, not driving anywhere particular since I wasn't really going to Starbucks. I got lonely so I decided to turn on the radio.

"Columbus Directioners! Want to get your hands on front row seats and get the opportunity to meet One Direction this Tuesday at the Nationwide Arena?!" My eyes got wide, and squealed really girly like. I think I just found out how I'm going to the concert. "Well answer this one question and be caller number 10 & you'll win 2 front row tickets, plus meet and greets!" OMG. Tell me what the question is old man!! "Okay. So what was Harry Styles' favorite thing to do when he was younger?" Are you kidding me? That's the question? He could have at least pick a more difficult question, I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed my phone to get ready to dial the number. "Okay, call 937-555-6924 and be caller 10 to win 2 front row tickets plus you'll get to meet One Direction!" Yeah, you already said that old man. I turned the volume down getting annoyed by his voice, and quickly dialed the number as I was driving around in circles.

Beep-beep-beep. Ugh really?! The lines busy? They probably already have caller 10. I dialed again, just in case, it rang for what seemed like forever.

"Helllloo! And what is your name?" I heard the voice of the old man on the other line. I decided to be nice to him.

"Hi, I'm Jessie Collins."

"Jessie Collins, eh? And how old are you?" Does it really matter to you?

"I'm 19."

"Oh 19! Well you're the lucky caller and you can meet One Direction Tuesday night IF you answer this question..." Do you really need to repeat it again? "What was Harry Styles', member of One Direction," No shit. "Favorite thing to do when he was younger?" My heart was pounding, I'm actually going to meet the guys I've been waiting to meet for so long. "Easy. Singing."I heard a ding-ding-ding noise like I was on some game show, come from the other end of the phone. "Congratulations! You just won 2 front row tickets to One Direction and after the concert, you get to meet them! Just stop by the studio whenever today, and come pick up your tickets!" I was trying to hold in my screams before I embarrassed myself, even though other Directioners would understand. "Thank you so much! I'll be over soon!" I hung up the phone quickly to let out my fangirliness. I screamed some as I was at a traffic light, deciding if I should go pick up the tickets now or wait until after work. I glanced at the clock, I still had 30 minutes, and the studio was right next to the mall so I'm good on time. I might as well get the tickets now, me and Taylor probably wouldn't want to go after work.

TAYLOR. I completely forgot about her and Liam. I know the whole story, and every single detail about it. I knew a lot about Liam thanks to her. I knew every memory they shared together. I know that she was hopelessly in love with him. And I know deep down, she still is. I just have to get her to realize it. But how? I thought for a few minutes and something clicked in my mind. THE CONCERT. How am I going to get her to go with me though? She'll never want to go to a One Direction concert to see her ex-bestfriend who she told that she never wanted to see him again. I could start crying and beg her, but she normally doesn't give into that. I could bribe her... Nah. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

I pulled up to the studio, wanting to get in and get out as fast as I could. I don't want to deal with this old man. I've always listening to his radio station though because he always played good music, but I never have learned his name. I shut off the car, get out, and lock it behind me as I'm walking into the studio. I see the old man, and to be honest, he really wasn't that old looking, he was probably around his 30's or somewhere around there.

"You must be Jessie Collins!" he said with a smile, looking me up and down. What a perv. "My name is Daniel!" Oh, so his name was Daniel! I still didn't like the fact that I was getting hit on by a 30 year old man. "Yeah, I am, nice to meet you, can I get my tickets now, please? I'm kinda in a hurry." I really wanted to get out of here. "Why do you want to leave so soon?" he comes closer and puts his hand on my hip. "I thought that we could have a little fun?" I backed away, and smacked his hand away. "No thanks. I'm not interested. Can I please have my tickets?" He looked disappointed and sighed, "Fine... Here you go..." He hands me the tickets. "Thank you, Daniel. I have to go back to work now, nice to meet you." I say trying to put on a fake smile, when in reality, I want nothing more than to get the hell out of here. I start to walk out the front door of studio, when I hear Daniel say, "Jessie?" Great. What does he want now? I stop and turn around. "Yes?" I smile as fake as I could, does he not realize I don't like him? Hence why I'm being so fake. "Can I at least have your number?" Dude! You're like 30! I wanted to say, but me being the smartass I am, I wanted to get him off my back entirely. "Sorry, I'm a lesbian." I smirked walking out of the studio. I got in Taylor's car, and drove back to the mall. Me and Taylor finished our shift and went home to our apartment. I decided that I was going to cook, just to suck up, because I was going to convince her to go to the concert with me. Orrr maybe threaten her...


*Taylor's POV*

Me and Jessie walk in our apartment, and I immediately plop down on the couch, Jessie jumps into the love seat across the room, and buries her face into the cushions. "What do you want for dinner tonight, Taylor?" Jessie asked me with a smile. That's weird she never cooks, she can, but she just never offers to. I didn't complain though. "I like fried chicken." I said with a smirk. Jessie laughed knowing that fried chicken was my all time favorite food. "I'll get right on that." she says as she crawls out of the love seat, and walks into the kitchen to start cooking. I laugh at her when I hear her yelling at me from the kitchen saying, "Where do we keep our pots and pans? *BANG, BANG* Found them!" That girl is too much.

I got bored, so I leaned over the couch to get the tv remote from the end table. I turned on the tv to see if anything good was on. Nothing. I sighed and took out my phone deciding to scrolls through my contacts to delete some people that I just don't talk to anymore. I delete some people that I met at work, past dates I went on that never worked out, and a person from Ohio State University. I got to the S's and stopped as I saw the contact "Sexiest best friend everrrr. ;) aka Liam" I had forgot that I still had his number in my phone, I never deleted it before because if he called, then I knew to ignore it. I debated whether or not I should delete it now. That name was the first contact put into my phone. I'll keep it just for the memories, but I knew deep down that, that wasn't the reason.

"ORDERRR UPPPP!" Jessie yelled from the kitchen, in a Spongebob voice. I swear, there's never a dull moment with her. We eat our fried chicken at our dining room table, silently, stuffing our mouths full. Me and Jessie loved food, and we could eat so much. I think Jessie eats more though because she's hungry literally all the time. We never seem to put on any weight either, it goes to our asses. Kidding, kidding. I never have figured out where it goes, both of us are pretty slim. "Soooo... You know how One Direction has a concert Tuesday night?" I stop eating and glare at her, did she just say what I thought she said? I huff a loud breathe. "Yes?" I asked stuffing my mouth full of fried chicken, again. "Well, I won two front row concert tickets plus I get to meet them, so I thought that...maybe..." Where is she going with this? "Maybe you can go with me since I have no one else to go with, and I don't want them to go to waste." There is no way I'm going, I couldn't look at Liam. I haven't seen him in 3 years. "PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASEEEE." Jessie was now on her knees begging me.




"Pretty please?"


"Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"Jessica, the answer is still no." I never called her Jessica unless I was being completely serious, and she knew that.

"Fine. I guess when I meet Mr. Liam James Payne, I'll march right up to him, and tell him that you moved to American to get away from him, that I'm your best friend, our address, your phone number, where you work, what car you drive, what bra size you wear, and last but not least, I'll make sure to give him every single, little detail about how you've been in love with him since you were 12 years old, and that you still are." I cringed at this. Woah, she sure has gotten good at threatening.

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh, but I would."

I guess I wasn't getting out of this one. I sighed. "What time does it start?" Jessie's face lite up and started smiling like crazy, and jumped on me, squeezing me so hard, I thought she was going to break my whole body. "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Okay, so I was thinking that we could take off of work on Tuesday to look super hot for the concert, and maybe go shopping, do our hair all pretty like, paint our nails, and things I like that. I'm going to meet my future boyfriend, Harry Edward Styles! EEK!" I could barely understand what she said because she was talking so fast. She has always had a liken to Harry, he was adorable with his curls, I mean his hair was sex, but other than that, there wasn't a lot more to him. "Sounds good." Was all I could say, I wasn't too thrilled about the concert, I hoped Liam didn't recognize me. Even if he did, he wouldn't talk to me because he hated me.

And I hated him. Right?


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