No Matter How Hard I Try (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Taylor Bell, an ordinary 19 year old girl from Wolverhampton, has always tried to fit in... But it just never worked. She only has one real friend, Jessie, they met when she moved to the US to start her new life three years ago, she wanted to get away from everything. I forgot to mention...Taylor used to be Liam Payne's best friend, who she's always been unconditionally in love with. They were best friends their whole life until Liam got put in a band called One Direction. When Liam comes to the US for their tour, he runs into Taylor, but he doesn't recognize her at first. Taylor starts to fall for him again, and someone else... But is there someone in the way of them being together?


3. Shopping, The Concert, and Invitations.


Jessie wouldn't shut up about the concert the whole day on Monday. Every person who walked in to get their coffee, she would say something to them about it. For old people, she would just smile, and tell them politely that she's going to her very first concert, and the old people, acted like they cared, smiled, and walked away. If it were guys, she would flirt with him, typical Jess, she is a big flirt, then say with a fake smile, "If only you were One Direction I would actually date you," and handed them their coffee. If it were people she knew and hated she would scream "I'M GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!! BE JEALOUS BITCH." That didn't end very well.

It was now Tuesday, the day of the concert. Me and Jessie are going shopping, and just being girly for the day to get pumped for the concert. I wasn't going to feel that "pump" anytime soon. I'm scared, but mostly nervous. I really hope Liam won't recognizes me, but of course he will. We were best friends for more than 10 years. Maybe we could try being friends again. Maybe we would fall in love? Wait. What are you saying, Taylor? I hated Liam. I don't love him. We'll never become friends again.

I was laying in bed thinking of what I was going to do if Liam recognizes me, or even talks to me. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a scream coming from Jessie's room. "TAYLOR FLACKING DANIELLE FLACKING BELL!!!!" Flacking? Odd. I got out of bed, greeted by cold air since it was the morning, and I had been under warm blankets over the night. I ran out of my room, into Jessie's room across hall. I swing the door open, and I see Jessie jumping around on her bed, with her golden blonde hair wet, she's wearing dark skinny jeans, a light blue crop-tee that says "FREE HUGS" on the front, and a white cami underneath.


She turned around and stopped jumping around and screaming. "Um. The concerts today. And we're going SHOPPING. Get your ass in the shower now."

"You started screaming for THAT?" Well, she is a Directioner.

"Yes. Now, while I'm fixing my hair and making us a quick breakfast, because I'm STARVING." When aren't you? "You take the fastest shower you've even taken in your existence, I've already taken one." Oh, that's why her hair is wet.

I follow her orders, and run back in my room, quickly picking out what I was going to wear to go shopping, since I'll be changing later for the concert. I decide to go with something simple-- Blue skinny jeans, a purple jumper, and purple TOMS. I grab some blue underwear and a white bra from my drawer, and run into the bathroom, and close the door behind me, before Jessie asks why I haven't gotten in the shower yet. I turn on the water, set my clean clothes strip off all my clothes that I , and hop in the shower. I get my hair wet then shampoo and condition it quickly. I shave my legs and armpits quickly since they were already pretty smooth. I turn off the water, wrap a towel around my hair, and dry my body off, and quickly put my clothes on. I pick up my dirty clothes, and run into my room throwing them into the same green hamper I had in Wolverhampton. I take my towel off of my head, not bothering to shut my door, and begin to brush through my thick hair. "Jess! What should I do with my hair?" I yelled to Jessie, I didn't know where she was though. "You should scrunch it." I jumped about 5 feet in the air, and whirl around seeing Jessie leaning against my door frame eating a banana. She had her hair dried and in loose curls, looking very natural. "Dammnn giiirl, you loooook hawwwtttt." I said with a wink. "Okay, you suck at being ghetto." Yeah, that's true. "Anyways, scrunch your hair, and I'll do it before we go to the concert."

"Alright." I quickly grabbed my mousse and started scrunching my hair, it didn't take long. "Okay, so where's breakfast?" I asked just as Jessie was finishing her banana. "Yeah, um. Well you see. I got hungry...So I kinda ate our breakfast." I wasn't really hungry anyways, I normally skip breakfast. "That's fine, I'll get lunch when we go to the mall." I grabbed my keys, and slipped on my TOMS. "You ready to go?" I asked just as she was putting on her gladiator sandals, trying to look at her phone at the same time. "Yes! You made good time! It's only 10:30, and the concert starts at 7, so we have the whole day to shop and get ready!" Can't wait... I love shopping, I just don't like the reason of why I'm shopping.

We walk outside from our apartment, being blinded by the sun. It wasn't too hot or too cold. Just the right temperature. It was really bright outside though. As if on cue, we both put on our Aviator sunglasses as we slid into the car. On the way to the mall, we just talked about random things and jammed out to Gangnam Style [A/N: Catchy flacking song.]. Jessie attempted to do the dance to it, but she looked like a penguin that was having a seizure.

After laughing so hard because of Jessie's terrible dancing, getting honked at by an old lady, running a red light, and almost wrecking, we finally arrived at the mall. We managed to find a decent parking spot that was pretty close to the entrance since it was only about 10:40 in the morning on a Tuesday. I turned off the car, got the keys out of the ignition as the roaring of the engine came to a stop. We got out of the car, slamming the doors behind us, making sure to lock it behind me, even though there's nothing in my car that people would want to steal. It's just a force of habit.

"Okay, so I was thinking we could go to Rue 21 to get accessories. Maybe Forever 21 for the outfit. Victoria Secret just for the hell of it." I said looking over to Jessie who was on her phone, while we were walking through the mall. I'm surprised she hasn't ran into something yet, she hasn't looked up once. She looked up from her phone, smiling, "I was waiting for you to say that!" She knew me so well. "Well, those stores are the best out there in my opinion." Rue 21, Forever 21, and Victoria Secret have been my most favoriest stores since I moved to America, and changed my entire look.

"Do we have any idea what we should buy? Like a dress? Heels or flats? Cute pair of skinnies and a dressy shirt? What do you have in mind?" Jessie said, as we're walking into Forever 21.

"Hmm. We should go for a more casual look, it's only a concert. I'm surprised you're not going decked out in your "I <3 1D" sweatpants, and your One Direction hoodie that says "Mrs. Styles" on it, and you screaming "HARRY, HARRY, GIVE ME SOME OF YOUR GRAVY!!" like you always do." That I guess, has always been her "catch phrase." She never did talk about One Direction to me because she knew to avoid that, but she always said that, and I guess she thought I didn't know who Harry was. I know the names of One Direction, I just didn't know which one was which, except for Liam, of course.

"Oh gosh, shut up! I don't even say that anymore!...much And it's a concert, I at least want to look decent. I would be wearing a 1D shirt, but I don't want you to feel out of place, because I know you would never wear a shirt that had Liam on it. But you're right, lets go for a casual look. Lets say... Flats, skinny jeans or shorts, and a really cute shirt, with lots of accessories?" She was right, never would wear a shirt with Liam's face on it, or his name.

"Sounds good, let's get looking! Let's split up, and find 5 outfits that you like, and meet at the dressing room." 5 outfits sounded reasonable.

"1,2,3. GO!" Jessie quickly walks away from me, and goes to the colored pants and shorts. I'll definitely be going to that section of the store later. I decided to go look for shirts first. I found this loose, purple, shimmery, tank top. It was really cute, I looked for the shirt in my size, and took it off the rack. 4 more shirts to go, this way going to be easy.

I went to a different rack, making sure to look at everything. I was looking through tops on the rack when suddenly, I felt someone shove me away. "Um, excuse me, but I'm looking at these shirts right now, come back later." I turn around and see this fake blonde bimbo looking me up and down. She was wearing short, shorts, I mean I have underwear longer than that. She was wearing this really skimpy shirt, her boobs were practically falling out. Her face looked like an orange, I couldn't tell if it was too much foundation, bad spray tan, or both. And her face was caked with make up.

"Um, excuse me, but I'm looking at these shirts, and you can get the hell over yourself." I said in the way she said it to me, with her preppy, annoying voice. She huffed and didn't say anything, and just continued looking at the tops. I ignored that she was even there. I found this adorable black and white striped t-shirt, with a blue, quarter sleeve jacket, that would look really cute together. I found my size, and put it in my left arm, with my purple shirt, I had gotten before. I managed to find two more shirts with the blonde bimbo still minding her own business. I just needed one more shirt, then I'd be off to find my jeans, I was probably only going to look for 2 pairs of jeans, because I looked over to Jessie, and she was already on her shirts. She does not take her time and mess around when it comes to shopping.

The blonde bimbo was getting close to me, as she was looking through shirts, but I ignored it. I saw this loose tank top that was a creamish color, with a tree on it with no leaves, I had to have it. There was only one shirt left though, I hope it was my size.I searched to find the tag, "Small". Perfect. I got it off the rack, holding it up, to get a better visual of it. I glanced over to blondie, and she was eyeing my shirt. I rolled my eyes, and turned back to my shirt, I think this was going to be the one I was wearing to the concert. I didn't even want to try the other shirts I had picked out on now. I felt the shirt being ripped out of my hands, I snapped my head to the right, and I saw blondie smirking at me with my shirt in her hands. "Wow. Thanks! This was JUST what I was looking for, you see, I'm going to a One Direction concert. I even get to meet them after the concert. I'm a HUGE fan." Really. First, the bitch took my shirt, now she's going to the meet and greets, which means I'll have to see her again.

"Really? Wow I am going to the concert too. Can I please have the shirt back?" I said, with a fake grin plastered on my face, trying to be as nice as I can be. I looked over to Jessie, and she was watching me and Barbie, she gave me a look that said, "Want me to come kiss some ass?" I nodded in her direction, and turned back to Blondie.

"Just wait until Harry sees me in this shirt, he'll want it off." Blondie said, just as Jessie walked up. Jessie's face turned into red and was filled with anger. This wasn't going to end well.

"Hi! Um, give my friend back her shirt before I cut you. You couldn't fit into that shirt anyways, you'll need to loose a couple of pounds in order to make it look flattering on you. And don't say anything about Harry again, you orange." Jessie's usually not like this, unless you make her mad. And I guess she doesn't like people talking about Harry like that. I don't know. Must be a Directioner sort of thing. "By the way" Jessie pulls out a tissue from her purse, and hands it to Blondie. "You need this to stuff your other bra, you forgot to." Blondie gasped, and rolled her eyes and just walked out of the store.

I was trying to hold myself from falling on the ground, laughing. I cannot believe Jessie said that. "Oh.. My.. God... I can't...Believe... You." I said in between laughs.

"Yeah, well she doesn't mess with my Hazza."

"Who the hell is Hazza?"

Jessie rolled her eyes,"Never mind. You wouldn't understand."

"Directioner thing?"


"Alrighty then."

"Okay, well I"m done with my 5 outfits, and it looks like you just need pants, so let's get you some pants to match each one of your shirts, an--" I interrupted her. "No, I just want to try on this tree shirt, and pick out pants. I was thinking light blue skinnies with white gladiators maybe?" She looked at me like I was crazy, I always loved trying on outfits keeping my options open, but right now, I just wanted that tree shirt.

Finally, she stopped looking at me like I was crazy, and nodded, with a smile "That would look good together. I'll go find you some light blue skinnies, and you take my outfits and your tree shirt, and go get us a big dressing room, and we can share it, so we don't have to keep walking in and out."

I nodded, and walked toward the dressing rooms, there was this middle-aged women standing by the dressing rooms, "Hi, do you need a room?" She smiled at me, it wasn't a fake smile either. Jessie came up randomly beside me, carrying my skinnies. She held them up, and I nodded in approval. I turned my head back to the lady, and smiled, "Yes, can I have a big one please, me and my friend are just going to share one." She nodded and went to the biggest dressing room, unlocking it, "Here you go!" she said with a smile, and walked away to go open another dressing room for an old woman.

Me and Jessie walked in the dressing room, shutting the door behind us. I began to put on my tree shirt, and my skinnies, while Jessie puts on this loos white, long sleeve t-shirt, and lime green shorts, with blue and white polka-doted shoes TOMS.

"Welllll. What do you think?" Jessie says with her outfit on, twirling.

"You don't even need to put on any other outfit. That's the one. It's perfect. You look gorgeous."

"I love it, too. And look at you! You're stunning! I looove those pants. That's the outfit."

I look at myself in the mirror. I really did look good in it. "I agree."

"Now let's get out of this store. I'm starving."

"You just ate before we left!"

"Well, I'm hungry again!" This girl... "Let's go pay for this then." Jessie nodded. We change back into her original clothes, pay for our things, and walk out. Jessie immediately pulls out her phone. "OMG! LIAM AND NIALL TWEETED THAT THEY CAN'T WAIT FOR THEIR CONCERT TONIGHT AND THAT THEY'RE IN COLUMBUS!" I realized that I'm seeing Liam tonight. The Liam I USED to be in love with. But now we hated each other. He left me. He's probably has a girlfriend now anyways. Jessie would know, but I didn't want to know the answer. I just hope he doesn't recognize me tonight.

We got Subway from the food court at the mall, and started eating in silence, listening to people talking, and the music on the speakers.

"Jessica... What if Liam recognizes me tonight?" Jessie looks up and puts her sub down, putting on her serious face.

"Taylor, if you're so worried, why don't you just change yourself up a bit. You've already changed your style when you came to America, you're much older now too, I mean your boobs have gotten hu--"I cut her off.


"Sorry. Anyways, what I'm saying is, maybe we should dye your hair." I have never dyed my hair before, but if it didn't make Liam recognize me, then I was all for it.

"Lets do it now. There's a salon here in the mall, right?"

"Yup! We have 3 hours until we need to get ready for the concert, so that should be just enough time to get your hair done. While you're in the salon, I'll go to Rue, and Victoria Secret to get some accessories, and your strapless.

"Sounds good! I nodded. "Lets go!" We got up, throwing our food in the garage can, and walk to the salon. When we arrive, we walk up to the counter, and a girl greets us,"Hi, welcome to Fab salon, and what would you like done today?"

I instantly look at Jessie, waiting for her to explain. She looks at me, and nods, understanding that I want her to tell her, because I'm not even sure what I want done.

"My friend, Taylor Bell, here, would like her hair dyed today. This is the first time she's ever done it, and she doesn't know what she wants, this was a total last minute thing, so I'm choosing for her. She would like her hair dyed a golden blonde, and please do not mess it up. You'll also need to have it done by 5 sharp." Jessie says with a convincing smile. She didn't say it in a bossy way, she just said what she wanted done, and the girl behind the counter seemed like she understood that.

"That will be no problem at all. Right this way, Taylor. My name is Amanda, by the way." I nod, not knowing what else to say. I follow her, and she sits me down in a hair, and gets to work on my hair. After a long while of just setting there, I look in the mirror, and Jessie gets up, starting out the door.

"Where you going, Jess?"

"I'm going to get your strapless, then accessories to complete our outfits." She's always about the accessories. I nod and wave her off, as the girl finishes wrapping my hair with tinfoil.

I hope this makes Liam not recognize me.



*Before the concert, getting ready*


I had to say, I looked really good as a blonde. I was a bit nervous at first, but I'm glad I did it. It's just a bonus that Liam won't recognize me. I barely recognized myself at first.

I'm still not excited about going to this concert, because I don't want to go, but for the sake of my best friend, I'll go. It's only like a 3 hour concert, and then you meet them, and we go home, off to bed, and I can snuggle with my pillow.

Jessie curled her hair and mine. We were jamming out to music, having fun, and singing terribly. Jessie thought it would be a good idea for the concert, to learn some songs by One Direction, I agreed after she begged me, and I caught on to most of the lyrics from some songs.

After Jessie finished her hair and mine, we put on our outfits. She got me my strapless, and I was in love with it. She also got me an owl necklace and a beautiful blue braclet to match my pants. She got my white gladiator sandals, too. She got me small hoop earrings to finish the outfit. She got herself gold heart earrings, and a necklace to match. I'm now doing finishing touches to my make-up. Me and Jessie went for natural looks, like we always do, a little bit of mascara and eyeliner, and that's it.

"You look stunning." I see Jessie looking at me smiling behind me through the mirror.

"Thanks babe, you do too! Are we ready?"

"Yep, lets go."

"Here goes nothing," I muttered.


*Jessie's POV*


Taylor looks stunning as always, but now she looks EXTRA stunning. I know she really doesn't want to go to the concert, well at least she acts like it, but I know she misses Liam. She pretends like she hates him, but she's still in love with him, I could see it in her eyes when she was singing What Makes You Beautiful (She knows all the words). Whenever Liam sang, her eyes would light up. I need to get them together tonight, it will do Taylor good. I still think that Liam's going to recognize her even with her blonde hair because they've known each other for so long, but who knows.

I'm so pumped for the concert and the meet and greet, but when I meet them, I'm not going to be some screaming fan always in their face. I'm going to let them come to me, and I'll be really calm on the outside, but on the inside I'll be like "HOLYSHIT. I NEED TO TWEET THIS RIGHT NOW. OMGOMGOMG HARRY'S CURLS. QUFFS EVERYWHERE. TOO. MUCH. SEXINESS."

This is going to be an amazing night...

*At the Concert, Taylor's POV*

I've never heard anything so loud before in my life. My ears were ringing, and One Direction haven't even came out on stage yet. Jessie was screaming too, and I joined in a bit just to be stupid. The screams increased and I looked up to see 5 guys running out on stage, I heard the intro music of What Makes You Beautiful, and Jessie absolutely lost it and started screaming in my ear. I actually loved this song, it was the only one I knew all the lyrics to. The music was really loud since we were in the front row, right in front of the guys.

It was Liam's part, as he sang, I got butterflies in my stomach. The feeling was so strange. I haven't felt that since I was 16, when I thought Liam was going to tell me he had feelings for me, when really it was to tell me that he was leaving.

I missed Liam.

I didn't want to admit it, but I missed him a lot. Not a day goes by when I don't think about him. Everything reminds me of him. My phone, spoons, forks, Jessie, America. The only reason why I moved to America was because of him.

*THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUITFULL...." Harry sang the last words of the song, cue the screams.

By the end of What Makes You Beautiful, my ears were ringing, I managed to figure out which boy was which, and that I was falling for Liam. I think. The rest of the concert, I wasn't singing or hardly paying attention. I was having a battle with my head and my heart.

My head was saying "No, no. You hate Liam James Payne, you're not falling for him. He could be a major douche bag now, and he could have a girlfriend that he's in love with."

My heart was saying "Yes, yes. You are in love with Liam James Payne, and you always have been. He's the same sweetheart with only one kidney that you knew your whole life. Remember all those memories, of when Chad cheated on you, and you stayed at Liam's house that night. You just laied on his chest, and he held you why you cried, stroking your hair softly, and saying a word. That's how its supposed to be. Just you and Liam."

*Meet and Greet, Jessie's POV*

We were brought into this large white room with about 5 leather couches. Stay calm Jessica, you're about to meet One Direction. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. I kept telling myself. Taylor's been acting weird, something's wrong. I can tell. I think it has something to do with Liam. I'm finding out as soon as we get in the car to go home.

"Just stay calm, Tay. It's going to be fine." I whispered in her ear, when we took our seats on a couch. She just nodded, and gave me a faint smile.We were the only people to get a couch to ourselves. This could be a good or bad thing.

The boys walked out and my heart started pounding through my chest, but I kept my screams in. As for everyone else, except for Taylor, of course, everyone screamed. The guys jumped about 2 feet off the ground from how loud it was. The large room made the screams echo.

"Wow, you guys sure are loud. We're going to be hanging out with you guys for an hour or two, then we sadly have to leave." Everyone awwwed. "I knooow, but we'll definitely get around to meeting each and every one of you. Each one of us are going to rotate around the room. " Liam said.

I looked over at Taylor and she can't stop staring at him, there's a twinkle in her eyes. I think she can tell that she's falling for him. Just wait until he talks to us. She's going to go mental. Hell. I'm going to go mental...

Niall came to us first. He was sweet, and we talked about food most of the time. Taylor eased up a bit, and started laughing along with us. Niall's laugh made us laugh even harder. Niall also told us that we weren't supposed to tell anyone, that he has a girlfriend, and her name is Kayla. Get it, Niall.

Our next guy was Zayn. Him and Taylor were bonding about how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop. I kept quite most of the time. I wanted to grab Zayn's quiff, and mess it up so bad, but I held my urges in.

Next came Harry. Now this was going to be interesting.

He walked over toward us, and sat next to me on the couch, facing Taylor and I.

"Hey babe!" He said smiling, not taking his eyes off me. That's right. HARRY STYLES. Was smiling at me. EEEK.

"Hi" I said, smiling, looking into his eyes.

Taylor muttered something about going to the toilet. I barely heard her. I was lost in Harry's green orbs. We stared at each other for a while, saying random things, getting to know each other. He smiled and looked down at the ground. Shit. Harry fucking Styles smiled at the ground. Okay. Calm down.

I told him about me being called Jessie, but he said he prefer ed Jessica. I didn't complain. I loved the way he called me Jessica. For some reason, I didn't feel like I was talking to a pop star after a few minutes, I felt like I was just talking to a boy who I had just met randomly. I liked that.

"I just wanted to tell you... I love your accent" I said, smiling.

He chuckled, and gave me a cheeky grin, showing his dimples. "I love your accent too. It's quite cute." I felt my cheeks burning. He laughed, again. "It's also quite cute when you blush."

I laugh nervously. I probably look like a tomato. At least, that's what Taylor looks like when she blushes. "I never blush. Ever." Which that's true, I only blush when I'm extremely embarrassed.

"Well, I'm glad I have that effect on you." He said. I start fiddling with my fingers--That's what I do when I get nervous.

"Alright lads, we're rotating to a new couch now." Liam called from across the room.

"Awww. I don't wanna go...Tell you what. How about you and your friend come over to our hotel room tonight after this, and we can all hang out." I hope Taylor won't care about this. Oh who am I kidding? I'm doing her a favor. I want her and Liam to get close again. Plus, I like Harry.


"Yeah, sure. That sounds like fun!" I said smiling.

"Oh, it will be. It's never quite in our hotel room. Let's exchange numbers. I'll point you and Taylor out, so if one of them opens the door tonight, they won't flip out." He says, as we exchange iPhones, and we put our name and number in each others.

"Okay, well I'll see you later tonight." Swapping phones back. Taylor walks up to us, and Harry smiles at her. She gives him a polite smile.

"Okay, well I'll see you girls later." He kisses both of our cheeks and walks away to a new couch. My eyes follow him, and I see that blonde bimbo I yelled at in Forever 21. I rolled my eyes and looked away to Taylor. She had a confused look on her face.

"What?" I asked giving her the same face she was giving me.

"Why is Harry seeing us later?" Shoot.

"Oh...Well...Um. He kinda invited us over to their hotel room to hang out with him and the guys." She now looked scared. "If that face is because of Liam. I don't even want you to worry about it. He won't recognize you when we see him. If he does, then we'll leave immediately, and won't go to their room." She nods, not saying anything.

*Taylor's POV*

Okay, so I go to the loo for 15 minutes to let Jessie and Harry have their little "moment," I come back, and now we're going to their hotel room. Fucking great.

Someone jumped on the couch beside me, I look over and I see Louis grinning widely at me. "Hey babe!" He said really energetic. I like this guy already.

We talked about stupid things, but we still got to know each other better. Jessie was just glued to her phone, probably texting Harry, while he was talking to other fans across the room. Forbidden Love. Awwwwww. Barf.She was still chatting with us.

"So Harry informed me that you guys are coming over afterwards?" Louis asked me, smiling.

"Yeah, if that was okay with you guys. Jessie and Harry will probably be off in a different world with each other..." I say in a dreamy voice.

"Yeah, just like they are now." He says, copying my voice.

Jessie looks up from her phone, "What?"

Louis and I burst into laughing fits. We end up rolling on the floor, clutching our stomachs. The whole room is silent, and everyone's staring at us.We finally notice, dying done our laughing a bit.

"Umm...Carry on." Louis says, trying to hold in his laugh.

"Why do we find this so funny?" I said, catching my breathe back.

"I have no idea. Tonight's going to be fun though!"

"Hell yeah it is!" I said laughing, slightly. I can tell this guy is going to be my best friend. No romantic crap, just a good friendship.

"Okay, lads! Last couch!"

Crap. I was having so much fun with Louis, I forgot about Liam.

"Jessie, I'm going to need you to quit texting Harry, and talk to Liam all the way through this, incase he starts to recognize me, okay?" She nodded, putting her phone in her back pocket of her shorts.

"Hi girls! How are you guys?" I hear a familiar voice that was right beside me. I twirl my head around, and it's Liam.

The butterflies came back. Hi hair, his eyes, his smile, his kindness, was just perfect. Everything was perfect about him.

Jessie took over the conversation, "I'm good, and how are you Liam?"

"I'm fine, thanks."

We small talked for a little while, and then after a while Jessie started texting Harry again. I didn't care much, because I realized Liam didn't recognize me, so I just acted like he was a stranger. Which he is. I don't know him anymore, really. He's changed a lot. He's grown up, more mature, but he is still the same caring, loving person I knew and loved 3 years ago.

"So tonight, we're gonna partayyyyy." Liam said, addressing it to me, since Jessie was on her phone, not paying attention, still. How is she being so calm? She just met her idols. Maybe she's in freak out mode because she's texting Harry, who knows.

"Yeah we areeee! Is it just going to be us over?"

"Yeah, I believe so. Actually, I think Kayla, Niall's girlfriend is already at the hotel room."

"Oh wow, I can't wait to meet her."

"She's really nice, and good to the Irishman, but it sucks sleeping in the same place as them. They go HARD."

"Ew! Gross Liam!"

"No, but I'm serious you can hear the--"

'EWWWW!!! Shut up!" I said, buring my face into hands.

Liam chuckled, and pulled out his phone. "Oops, it's past time for this to be over! Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, and I'll see you later." Kissing me on the cheek, (cue the butterflies) and then Jessie.

He stands up, and walks to the center of the room. "Everyone! Thank you for coming out tonight, a massive thank you to all of you guys, we love you. And I'm pretty sure I can speak for the other lads as well, that we all had a great time tonight. Thank you." Everyone cheered, and hugged them good-bye.

Me and Jessie skipped out of the room, into the parking lot to find my car. We were both in a fantastic mood. This night can't get any better.



*Liam's POV*

She has a British accent, but she's in America. She obviously had to lived in the UK. She was gorgeous. Wait, what? No. I love Danielle.

But that girl...looks familiar...

Who is she?

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