No Matter How Hard I Try (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Taylor Bell, an ordinary 19 year old girl from Wolverhampton, has always tried to fit in... But it just never worked. She only has one real friend, Jessie, they met when she moved to the US to start her new life three years ago, she wanted to get away from everything. I forgot to mention...Taylor used to be Liam Payne's best friend, who she's always been unconditionally in love with. They were best friends their whole life until Liam got put in a band called One Direction. When Liam comes to the US for their tour, he runs into Taylor, but he doesn't recognize her at first. Taylor starts to fall for him again, and someone else... But is there someone in the way of them being together?


4. Hotel, Flirting, and Sex...?


Harry texted Jessie the details of where the hotel was, and he said to not tell anyone. Obviously. We were really excited to go. I wanted to get to know all of the guys better. I didn't really speak to Harry much at the meet and greets because I went to the lou, but hopefully, we'll get to know each other better. I need to have a talk with him about my Jessie, too. If he hurts her, he probably won't be able to have children. Ha, just kidding, I can't kick that hard.

Jessie and I ride the elevator up to the top floor. It was blocked off specifically for the guys. We finally reach their hotel room. Jessie knocks on the door lightly, but loud enough so they can hear it. Seconds later, the door comes open and Harry's standing at the door way wearing a plain white t-shirt, and black skinny jeans. He had a wide grin plastered across his face, looking Jessie up and down. Well, this is awkward.

"Hi, glad you girls found the room alright." Harry said, still looking at Jessie. I look over and Jessie's blushing. Woah, that girl never blushes. "Come on in!" Harry opens the door wider, letting us walk in, and shutting the door behind him, locking it back.

I take a look at my surrounding. This must be the penthouse sweet. When you first walk in, there's the living area. It had a huge flat screen, 2 red couches, a love seat, and a striped chair. There were two doors that looks like it led out to a balcony, and I saw a huge hottub outside. I should have brought my swimsuit. There was a hallway with 6 doors, I assumed that it was all of their rooms, then a bathroom.

Harry and Jessie were cuddling and laughing on the love seat. Zayn and Liam were on their phones on one couch they look up and mumble hello's to me with a small, then look back to their phones. Louis was on the floor, eating carrots, not even noticing I was there. I clear my throat, and Louis looks up.

"TAYLOR!!!!!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!" Louis yells, and runs up to me, jumping on me. I lose my balance and land on the floor, making a loud thud noise, with Louis on top of me.

"I missed you too, Louis." I say, laughing.

Louis realizes the position we're in, he chuckles and rolls off of me, standing up. "Sorry about that, love!" He holds out his hand, I take it, and he pulls me up."I was just excited to see my new BFF." He says in a girly voice. I couldn't help but laugh. I turn around and notice everyone is staring at us like we're stupid.

"Uh...Carry on." Louis said, everyone looks away, and continues what they were doing, except for Liam. I look at him from the corner of my eyes, and he looks pissed. I brush it off, and start talking to Louis about stupid, random things.

"Hey! Let's watch a movie!" Louis yells randomly. Everyone nodded in approval but Liam. He shrugged his shoulders, not caring. He still looked pissed, and I had no idea why.

"What should we watch?" Zayn said, looking up from his phone.

Harry and Jessie were whispering things in each others ears, we were all staring at them. Harry noticed. "Um, let's watch a scary movie, since it's pretty late." He said, and went right back to whispering to Jessie. I will be finding out details about them later.

"I'm not in the mood to watch a scary movie right now." Liam mumbled from the couch.

"Wellll. What should we watch then?" Louis asked, looking at all of us. "HEY! JESSIE AND HARRY PAY ATTENTION!" He yelled, making Harry and Jessie jump, and look at Louis. Their cheeks flush with embaraasment.

"Let's play a game?" Jessie suggested, while Harry was playing with her long curls.

"TRUTH OR DARE!!!" Louis and I yelled at the same time.

Everyone sighed and got down to the floor in a circle. I sat beside Louis, Louis sat beside Harry, Harry sat beside Jess, Jess sat beside Liam, Liam sat beside Zayn, and Zayn sat beside me. I just realizedd some one was missing.

"Hey guys, where's Niall been? Does he have his sepreate room or something?" I asked. All the boys exchanged looks at each other and started snickering. They all had cheeky grins on their face.

Louis turned to look at me, while the boys snickers turned into rolling on the floor laughing. "Niall's having a little bit with his girlfriend, Kayla, in the bedroom down the hall."

"THEY'RE HAVING SEX DOWN THE HALL?!?!" Jessie yelled, causing the boys and now me, to start burst into fits of laughter even worse. After we calmed down a bit, Harry rubbed Jessie's back, and told her to calm down, that they weren't loud. We laughed again, but not at hard.

"Okay, let's get on with this game." Liam mumbled, annoyed now.


Damn, what's up with him?


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