Your So Close, Yet So Far

Lexi has been with Niall for 2 years but when Niall cheats on her, what happens next?? She ends up with another member, NO they all got girlfriends, she would never do that, or would she


1. I found out and telling Louis

***All in Lexi's POV***


"Niall, Jana is dropping me off soon" "Ok luv u" "Luv U bye." He sounded weird lik he was hiding something, I always can tell when he is hiding something. "Jana i'm drop me off now he has his weird voice on" "Ok " Me and Jana have been friends for as long as I can remember. Her and Zayn r together and have been for 1 year. "Lexi, LEXI!!! we r here" "Ok thanks bye" Me and Niall live together and have for 5 months now. I unlock the door and hes no in the living room so he must be in our room. I opened the door and he wasn't there. He wasn't in the office so he must be in the guestroom, Why would he be there. When I opened our 1st guest room nobody was in there. Same with the 2nd and 3rd but the last 1 I heard talking and kissing. I opened the door to c Niall in bed with Eleanor, WHAT!!! "NIALL ITS OVER IM LEAVING AND NEVER COMING BACK!!!" I packed all my clothes. "Lexi let me explain" "THERES NO NEED O EXPLAIN NIALL YOU CHEATED ON ME NOW U AND ELEANOR CAN LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER NOW THAT WE R THROUGH!!! I WILL B BY LATER TO GET THE REST OF MY STUFF!!!" He grabed my arm but I yanked it from him.


***At Louis'***


I knocked on the door but no answer. "LOUIS ITS LEXI I NEED YOU!!" 2 seconds later Louis opened the door with a towel around his waste and his hair wet. "Hey I just got out of the shower, so what happened you look horible" "Wow thanks Louis an I come in and tell u, u might have to sit down to hear it."I come in and sit on the couch and Louis sits next to me, I can't say it. "Louis I walked in on Niall and.........." "It's ok, finish" "But I don't want to hurt me" "It's ok tell me""I can't""Just tell me," "ELEANOR OK LOUIS!!! I walked in on him and Eleanor." Louis looked so hurt but I expected him so cry but he just hugged me. Probably cause I was crying so hard, "It's ok" "I need a place to stay, can I stay here??" "of course you can love"



***Author Note***

sorry its short, I will update later. I hope you like it, also if you could tell me what you want to have happen next in the comments cause I have no idea!!! Thanks for reading 

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