<3 One Direction Imagines <3

Comment for an imagine!! :) Name, age, hair, eyes, height, body type, the boy you want, and what you want to happen!


3. Caitlin and Louis

As I sat outside of the one direction album release party, I realized that I had a bad habit of picking the wrong guys. I always picked the guys who needed me to run after them and save them, to be the damsel in distress. Which is why I always ended up looking like an idiot crying in public, just like right now. That's what happened tonight with my current boyfriend, robert. Well maybe Ex boyfriend now. Instead of being grateful when I saved him, he lashed out at me. Now I'm here, contemplating my life. I couldn't bare going into the party now. He'd caused a scene and it would just be too embarrassing! I should be slightly grateful towards him. I mean he is
The one who got us the invites to the party. He knows that I'm a huge fan of one direction. He thought it would be a nice gift for me to meet my idols. I Haven't met them yet tonight, and don't plan to. As Robert made his dramatic exit from the party, I could see all five of them staring! I think that was the most embarrassing part! Holy crap I could hear someone coming from the party, walking my way. "Excuse me miss", I heard them say. Sounded like Louis Tomlinson. I know that couldn't be true, he's probably still partying! "I know you're here, I can hear you crying", they said. "Over here", I sniffled. I could hear them walk over. "There you are! So, tell me what's wrong love!" Louis Tomlinson said. Louis Tomlinson was here! He left the party to come and check on me! I wasn't the savior anymore! I was the one getting saved, finally. "Just my overdramatic ex-boyfriend ,nothing new" I explained. "Maybe that's just what you need ,something new" he advised. "What do you suggest? There's nothing out there! All of the boys I've dated have been exactly like him, dramatic damsels in distress!" I exclaimed. "Well maybe you need the positive dramatic, some comedy, some tommo!" He flirted. "Louis, what are you saying?" I flirted back.
"Look, I'm not trying to take advantage of a sad girl, but I've been watching you all night with that douche! I can promise you this, I would nowhere near do what he did to you tonight. I would remember to treat you like a princess!" He confessed. "Wow", i was amazed! "So how about we go back to the party?" I offered. After that I didn't care what everyone else thought, as long as Louis would be right there next to me. "Only on two conditions." He bargained. "What?" I asked "I get to know your name and you are my date for the rest of the night."Louis said. "Well of course, my name is Caitlin and I would love to be your date!" We went in and it was the greatest rest of the night! We exchanged numbers and stayed friends for a while and then eventually we started dating. We've been going strong ever since. Thank goodness I stopped picking boys and let them pick me!
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