It Takes Two

Niall And _____ (You) Meet and Nandos! You fall for him, But Drama comes with every relashinship! Will This be the End of You and Niall? Or Just You?


1. The Cute Blond



Backround: My name is ___. I am 18. My Dad owns Nandos. My mum is a at Home mum. I have a twin borther named James, but we dont look alike. I also have a sister Names Alyssa that is 19. I live with my parents in Mullingar Ireland. I work at Nandos so i can buy a appartment. I don't Know who One Direction is.

Story: On my lunch break from serving at Nandos i ordereda bunch of food. I sat at a red booth at the front. A cute blond stared in amazment. I finnished then put away my Dishes. I put on my uniform and got back to work. Yes! I get to serve the blond! I walked over to him smiling. He had the biggest Grin on his face. "What can i get you today" I asked sweetly. "Your number beautiful" He replyed. I felt my cheeks get hot. I took a napkin and wrote my name and number. His face lit up. He had a special Sparkle in his big beautiful Blue eyes. I smiled. "Anything else" I asked. "I want exactly what you had my love" He said. Ah his voice! He winked at me. I lightly Blushed. I turned my head so he could not see. "Coming right up" I said cheekly. I put in his order. In the mean time I cleaned some tables. He called me over. "Yes" I asked. "Come sit with me" He asked. "Ill try after I get your food" I awnsered Honestly I went into the kitchen and grabbed his food. I walked back to his tabel. I sat it infront of him and sat across from him. He asked about me and i told him everything, and when i say everything i mean everything! "____, I see you made a friend" a mystery person said. I turned around and Their stood my Dad. Crap! "Sorry sir ill get back to work" I quickly said. I got up and Started to walk away. He grabbed my arm. "No matter ____, Your fired" He replyed. I knodded my head. I took off my uniform and hung it up one last time. I gathered my stuff and walked out the door. The blond grabbed my arm and spun me around. "Im Sorry I got you fired love" He said sadly. "Its ok i diden't get paid much, and my dad hates me anyway" I replyed. I lifted his hand off my arm. I walked to my car and hopped in. I tried to start it a few times. It would not work. I threw my keys at the dashboard. I got out and sat on a bench. The blond came and sat down next to me. "Hello again Georgus" His Irish accent stood out. I blushed. "So sence were both stuck here tell me about yourself" I suggested He told me alot about him, But I still dont know his name. "Lastly my name is Niall, Niall Horan from One Direction" He said fast. I giggled. "Well i dident expect that" I said while giggling. "You Have the cutest giggle love" Niall said sweetly. My face turned a light pink. "So Your the flirt of the group" I guessed. "Oh no thats Harry's Job, but when i see a pretty girl I cant help myself" He explained. He smiled. I turned bright red. I looked Down at the ground. My hair fell and hid my face. He lifted my face up by my chin and put hair behing my ear. I smiled and Blushed. He slowly Leaned forward and kissed my cheek. I blushed and looked down once again. In the corrner of my eye I saw Him shocked. "Hey Niall, well look like you found a pretty girl" said a guy with curly brown hair and green eyes. "Guys this is ___, ___, This is Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam" he said. Harry grabbed my hand and kissed it. I did not blush. Niall grinned huge. Harry looked confused. I smiled but looked down at the ground. "Baby you light up my world like nobody else" Niall sang. "The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed" Harry sang. "And when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell" Lian sang. "You dont know oh oh" Zayn sang. "You Dont know your beautiful" Louis sand. I looked up slightly blushing and smiling. "There you go love" Liam said replying I smiled full blown. Liam was pretty cute too, but Niall, Theres just something about him.

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