If Only

Amanda has had a troubled life ,her dad just left her twin brother Adam and her mother ,he is no where to be found.Financial problems arise she lived in America but her mom gets a job offer in London .She gets an internship for a music label she has a love for music and she ends up bumping in to One Direction she finds her self in a relationship with one of the boys.Read to find out her story .


1. Have I seen you before

Amanda's POV:It has been a month since I moved to London since I finished High School before I left I don't have much to do.I just took an internship with a music label that might just turn into a job.It also happens to be the label that signed One Direction .Im a fan but not a crazy one .
I was told to go fetch coffee not the best but I've learned a lot I was walking down the hall to the lounge my eyes were focused on my phone when BAM dang I just ran into someone paper flew ever where."Im so sorry I'm such a clutz sometimes"I said.I looked up it was Liam Payne Omg .He just stared at me was I ugly did I have something in my nose,all these things were running threw my head he finally said "oh no it was my fault no worries"I smiled like a complete idiot and he helped me pick up my mess .I thanked him and went to go get the coffee that was probley the last time I would see him so I pushed the thoughts out of my mind.
Liam's POV:I had to take a wee we were meeting Simon today deciding on some Take Me Home tour stuff for next year my eyes were glued to my phone Danielle and I were fighting again we were broken up no reason to fight anymore.I had been really depressed when Bam I bumped into someone and we both fell on our buts threw the flying papers I saw the most beautiful girl with blonde slightly Curley hair and grey eyes WoW she had literally taken my breath away she was looking down picking up some papers that had already fallen she was apologizing why ?It was my fault but I was lost with words .Her amazing eyes widened when she saw me she knew who I was but she wasn't freaking out I managed to studder no don't worry it was my fault though it sounded like something else I helped her pick up papers I couldn't help but stare she got up to leave I was going to see her again no matter how long it took as I saw her walk off she turned around and said Oh and my name is Amanda I yelled back "and I'm Liam "wow I sounded stupid she smiled showing off her teeth .Danielle who haha.
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