If Only

Amanda has had a troubled life ,her dad just left her twin brother Adam and her mother ,he is no where to be found.Financial problems arise she lived in America but her mom gets a job offer in London .She gets an internship for a music label she has a love for music and she ends up bumping in to One Direction she finds her self in a relationship with one of the boys.Read to find out her story .


3. Can I kiss you

Niall POV:I had to go to the studio I had forgotten my phone I saw a car their that was weird it was midnight,why would someone be here. I walked into the building heading for the recording studio when I heard the most beautiful voice a girl singing her heart out I was well curious it was the studio I was in I sneaked in closing the door quietly ,IT _IT was Amanda wow she was beautiful those grey eyes and slightly Curley hair.She didn't notice I snuck to the next door I was thinking vary dirty thoughts. I snuck behind her ,she was still singing I placed my hands around her waist and set my hand on her shoulder.BAM!!!!!! She jumped and hit me in my nose,I was bleading it was sorta my fault though I scared her though.
Amanda's POV:I had stayed late I wasn't sure what time it was I was alone so I was bored I was temped to use the studio but I would be fired if the Boss found out oh well. I started singing VERY loud and then something grabbed me from behind
I was just walking back from my friends house she had just gotten in a crash and was still recovering I was about 2 blockes away from my house when somebody came behind me and grabbed my waist and hit me on the head and put something over my mouth I passed out and woke up in an ally near a dumpster I was nude and bleading from the back of my head I had gotten raped. End of flash back
I was scard and I hit the person in the nose it was Niall Shit !!!!!!!!!!! I ran up to him and forgot to stop and we fell I landed ontop of him well this was weird. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to you just scared me I wouldn't have hit you if I knew it was you"I said he stoped me by putting a finger to my lips "that's ok I don't mind getting hit by cuit girls" he said I could feel myself blush " You look cuit when you blush" I was probley tomato red now "can I kiss you"he said I was shocked but I slowly noded my head he leaned in but it didn't feel right I liked Liam Alot. But I liked Niall too . He leaned in and kissed me wow he was GOOD.
Liam POV:I knew Niall had to go to the studio to get his phone but he has been gone for a really long time I started to get worried since I didn't drive well I called a cab and when there. The car pulled up and I saw his car I knew he was hear I payed the man and went inside and I was standing outside the room and I was hearing a weird noise and I walked in to see Niall making out with Amanda. What ?how ? Why these questions were running through my head I felt a tear run down my face until I broke Into tears and they stopped and looked at me ,Amanda looked guilty and almost sad then she started crying too ,Wait why was she crying did she not like him? Niall was the only one not crying he was really confused and I just ran out not wanting to deal with this right now.
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