If Only

Amanda has had a troubled life ,her dad just left her twin brother Adam and her mother ,he is no where to be found.Financial problems arise she lived in America but her mom gets a job offer in London .She gets an internship for a music label she has a love for music and she ends up bumping in to One Direction she finds her self in a relationship with one of the boys.Read to find out her story .


2. Am I working with you ch2

I had just gotten back and handed Jeff his coffee I went to sit down and right when I did 5 HOT!!!!! Boys came running in.He was here Liam came in last wow he was cutie he just stared at me it seemed like forever we couldn't stop looking at each other when Louis came in front of him and waved his hand in front of his face snapping us out of a trance.Louis followed Liam's gaze to me he walked up to me "looked like our Liam has token a liking to you love "he said,wow that boy was funny he reached out his hand I was just expecting a shake but he pulled me into a hug wow that boy smelled really good Liam was tomato red in the corner which made me laugh.I meet all the boys except for Niall wow he was cutie I secretly had a crush on him and Niall just stared at me with his blue orbs of eyes I shook his hand I felt something in the palm of my hand it was a plaice of paper with his # on it I just turned quite and sat down .
LIAM POV:I saw her in that room my heart litarally stoped wow she looked amazing haha but when she hugged Louis my heart felt like it burst I think they didn't like each other but my face felt really red then Niall have her his # man I was going to kill that boy I am just happy that Harry didn't hit on her. I was working with Amanda I knew I was going to see her again and I was going to make her mine.
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