Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


19. You'd Sacrifice me

Jess P.O.V

I walk to the hospital, I had heard that Zayn got stabbed, so I decided to walk there I would of asked one of the boys to drop me, but they were busy, after all walking was good. I put my white mittens, and my white scarf on, covering my neck. The wind blowing fiercely, my wild blonde hair shaking wildly in the wind. I looked around for the hospital, it was said to be a twenty one minute walk from home.

Suddenly a pair of cold pale hands grabbed me, and pulled me into an alley. I looked to see my attacker, then gasped it was Kimberly, Niall girlfriend. But why did she kidnap me?

"Kayleigh, your coming with me" Kimberly exclaimed.

What! She was trying to kidnap Kayleigh, and mistaken her for me. Kimberly shoved me into a car, next thing you know I'm in a dark warehouse. I try to move, but my legs and hands are tied up.

"Kayleigh, do you hope Niall will rescue you" Kimberly laughs.

"I'm not Kayleigh" I answer.

"Of course you are" Kimberly replies.

"No, I'm Jessica, Kayleigh cousin" I exclaim.

"What?, No!, How could this happen" Kimberly shouts, angrily.


Kimberly P.O.V

How could I mistaken Jessica for Kayleigh, I'm such a air head. I know, I'll black mail Niall to give Kayleigh, or Jessica gets it. I grab Jessica phone, from her hand bag, then look for her contacts, then smile when I see Niall number. I dial Niall number, waiting for him to pick up.

"Jessica, how are you" Niall asks.

"Jessica all tied up Niall" I laugh.

"Who is this?" Niall asks.

"The girl you toyed with her heart" I reply.

"Kimberly" Niall guesses.

"Of course" I exclaim.

"What are you doing with Jessica?" Niall shouts.

"I've kidnapped her, I want you to give me Kayleigh, or Jessica get's it" I shout.

"No" Niall shouts.

"Fool" I laugh.

I press the phone, beside Jessica mouth, she has to make Niall understand, to save her, so I can have Kayleigh, or my plan fails.

"Ask for him to save you" I order.

"Niall don't come for me, save Kayleigh, I'll be fine, tell Harry I love him, don't give her Kayleigh, don't think about me, I will be fine, don’t" Jessica begins to say.

I slap Jessica angrily, what was she doing? Ruining my plan.

"Jessica" I hear Niall voice exclaims.

"Bye, Bye Niall" I reply, shutting the phone.


Harry P.O.V

"Kimberly got Jessica" Niall exclaims.

"What!" I exclaim.

How did Kimberly get Jessica, she must of been trying to get Kayleigh, and got Jessicca, how was Jessicca, if Kimberly hurts her, I'll kill Kimberly.

"Kimberly was trying to get Kayleigh and mistaken Jessica for Kayleigh" Niall answers.

"We have to rescue her" I shout.

"She gave me an offer, I have to give Kayleigh or Jessica get's it" Niall mumbles.

"But" I begin to say.

"I said no" Niall mumbles.

"No, Jessica" I cry painfully, in agony.

"We'll save her" Zayn mumbles loudly.

"Liar" I shout, running out of the warden upset.

Zayn doesn't understand, if it was Perrie he'll try and save her, and for Niall, as long as Kayleigh is safe, he wouldn't care, he would risk Jessicca, even mine life for her, they wouldn't save Jessica, how much torture must she be suffering right now.

I spot Kayleigh, sitting on a chair, singing a song to Jayden, I have a idea. I walk to Kayleigh; she looks at me, then smiles.

"Harry" Kayleigh exclaims looking at me.

"Kayleigh" I reply.

"How's Zayn" Kayleigh asks.

"He's fine" I mumble.

"What's wrong?" Kayleigh asks..

How did she know something was wrong, was it my voice, or my facial expressions.

"Kayleigh, would you come with me somewhere" I ask.

I know it's wrong, but I have to rescue Jessicca, I just have to. Even though, if I have to offer Kayleigh, to get her back, I just have to.

"Where?" Kayleigh asks, frowning.

"With me, to see someone, Kimberly" I answer.

"What!" Kayleigh asks.

"Please" I mumble.

"You want to send me to my grave, just to rescue Jessicca, not even thinking, that she would kill me, she hates me" Kayleigh shouts.

"I didn't know" I lie.

"Liar, How could you Harry, I thought of you as my brother" Kayleigh whispers.

"I'm sorry Kayleigh" I apologize, hugging Kayleigh.

How could I think that, how could I just offer Kayleigh to Kimberly, when I know Kimberly will kill Kayleigh? Just because I want to save Jessica.

"I'm sorry" I repeat.


Kayleigh P.O.V

I look at Harry, he looks worried.

"Kayleigh, would you come with me somewhere" Harry  ask.

"Where?" I ask curiously.

"With me, to see someone, Kimberly" Harry answer.

What how could he? He knew that Kimberly was trying to kill me, and he was just going to give her to me, how could he, Why?

"You want to send me to my grave, just to rescue Jessicca, not even thinking, that she would kill me, she hates me" I shout, angrily.

"I didn't know" Harry lie.

"Liar, How could you Harry, I thought of you as my brother" I whispers.

How could Harry think of sending me to Kayleigh, so she could kill me, just so she can send me to my grave, just to save Jessicca? I cared about Jessica too, but killing me just to save her, she'll kill both of us then. I had to be their for Jayden too what would he do if I died?

"I'm sorry Kayleigh" Harry apologizes, hugging me.

"I'm sorry" Harry repeats.

"Harry don't you think I care about Jessica too, that I'm trying to save her too, so she doesn't die because of me, but haven't you thought of Jayden, how he would be without me, if I died" I ask.

Jayden, my little baby, he was only eleven months. It would be his first birthday in a month, I would make it a good birthday for him, full of everyone who loved, and cared for him.

"I didn't think" Harry mumbles.

"You didn't think" I repeat.

"I" Harry begins to say.

"Don't say sorry" I answer.

"But" Harry continues to say.

"Do you want me to die Harry" I ask.

"Of course not, why would I?" Harry exclaims.

"Because I feel like, you want me to die" I reply.

Did Harry want me dead, because from what he was saying, it seems like he wants me gone, for sure, but why would he, what did I do to him?

"Kayleigh" Harry exclaims.

"Do-You-Want-Me-Dead" I mumble, tears brimming for my eyes.

"No, I'm sorry Kayleigh" Harry apologizes.

"How could you Harry" I mumble.

I thought of Harry as my brother, as my older brother, and I thought he cared for me like a little sister, that he cared for me a lot. That he wouldn't send me to die, ever.

"I'm sorry Kayleigh" Harry repeats, hugging me tightly.

I let the tears fall from my eyes. Harry breaks the kiss, then kisses Jayden forehead.

"Papa" Jayden utters.

I smile in excitement; Jayden just said his first word.

"He called me" Harry exclaims.

"Papa" Jayden repeats, touching Harry finger.

"He knows that you’re his papa" I mumble.

"Wow" Harry exclaims.

"He's clearly a daddy's boy" I exclaim.

"Mama, kiss" Jayden utters.

"Or a mommy's boy" Harry exclaims.

"Mama, kiss" Jayden repeats.

"Yes, he's a mommy boy" I whisper.

"Isn't most boys" Harry sighs.

"Doesn't mean he doesn't love you" I mumble.

"I know" Harry murmurs.

"Don’t be jealous Harry" I joke.

"I'm not" Harry laughs.

I smiled when Harry smiled, just for that moment; Harry forgot all about his troubles, all he thought was about his baby, his Jayden, his family, his son. I will get Jessicca back, I will. I won't let her, or anyone, get hurt, because of me; no one should suffer for me. I will rescue Jessicca, and if that means, I have to go and let Kimberly kill me, I will. But I will fight, I will fight, because I don't want to let go. I don't want to forget or lose, the boys, Jayden, the girls, no one. I love my life, and if Kimberly wants to fight me, a fight is what she will get, because I haven't given up, I won't give up this battle, or lose it. I will win, and become victorious.



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