Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


4. You love me too

Kayleigh P.O.V

I rummage through my wardrobe, searching for a gorgeous dress. A week ago, the guys had told me that today was the star music awards, and being one direction, they had been nominated for the hottest boy band ever, and I reckoned they would win it. They had also kindly invited Jess and me, I know amazing. I was also going to be introduced as Niall's girlfriend. I finally found a gorgeous golden strapless dress, matching with a cute pair of golden high-heels, and jewellery.

I slipped on the dress, and jewellery, curling my hair. I looked in the mirror, I guess I looked pretty. I had to look my best, if I was going to be on TV, meet famous hot celebrities, and be with Niall. Just as I was applying lipstick, Jess walked in, her golden blonde hair in a towel. She looked at me, then smiled.

"You look gorgeous my friend, I knew you had the star quality" Jess complimented.

"Come on, let's see the boys" I exclaimed. We walked out of the room, and stood outside the boy's room.

"knock on the door" suggested Jess.

I shook my head, then opened the door. The room was massive, with a huge plasma TV, 2 bunk beds, and one single bed. One side of the room was spotless, the other side was dirty, clothes scattered everywhere, rubbish lay on the floor.

Suddenly Louis ran in, holding a white trouser, followed by a panting, red faced Niall, wearing a tux shirt, and sponge bob boxers.

"sponge bob, cute" I laughed.

Niall looked at me embarrassed, realizing that I was there. He blushed tomato red, grabbed the trouser  from Louis, and hastily put it on. Then we saw Zayn, Harry and Liam, they too were wearing a tuxedo. I felt someone hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see Niall.

"Wow Kayleigh, you look stunning" Niall whispered, kissing my cheek.

Suddenly three girls ran in, who I recognized to be Perrie (Zayn girlfriend), Elenor (Louis girlfriend) and Danielle (Liam girlfriend). I wasn't stupid, I knew who dated who, after living with Jess for quite long, it catches on you. They wore matching silver gowns, which looked gorgeous on them.

"Girls, this is Kayleigh my girlfriend" Niall introduced.

"Wow, she's beautiful Niall, we're so happy Niall finally got a girlfriend, after being single for ages, I'm Perrie" Perrie exclaimed.

"Hey" Niall mutters embarrassed.

Elenor ran to Louis and gave him a massive hug, he shrugged her off, like a bothersome fly, then looks at me.

"Come on let's go ladies" Harry interrupted.

We walked to the limo with our respected love, Harry and Jess got in first, followed by me and Niall.

"Ladies first" Niall mumbled. I walked in the limo, followed by Niall.

I placed my head on Niall shoulder, my hand held tightly by his.

"We're here" Harry shouted. Niall opened the door.

I walked out to be welcomed by lights and paparazzi. Suddenly a male paparazzi stood in front of us, he looked familiar, crazy right.

"Niall, who is she?" the man asked.

"This is my girlfriend, Kayleigh West" Niall introduced.

"I know you, it's me Luke, from high school" the man exclaimed. 

Now I remember him, he was in the same high school as me, me being shy, him a jock, we didn't really talk much, except him asking to borrow my pencil.

"I remember you Luke, how are you" I asked.

Suddenly Niall nudged my shoulder. I waved at Luke, then walked in the palace like place. I stare in shock, to see so many celebrities, like my idol Selena Gomez, also Justin Beiber, Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and many more.

Suddenly I felt plain compared to them. After all, I was just plan 16 year old Kayleigh West, who's in this celebrity world, I didn't belong here.

"Niall, do I look ok?" I asked.

"Kayleigh, you look stunning, why?" Niall inquired.

"I just feel plain, compared to these celebrities" I mumble embarrassed.

"Kayleigh you are not plain, you are gorgeous, kind, sweet, you make me feel special, like I'm not just a celebrity, your the best thing that's happened to me, and I love you, you belong here Kayleigh, right beside of me, with me forever" Niall whispered in my ear, in a sweet intoxicating voice.

"Your the best thing, that's happened to me Niall" I reply.

Suddenly I spot Elenor crying. We walk to her, I place my hand on her back, she looks at me teary eyed, her mascara running down her face.

"Elenor, what's wrong" I inquired.

"Louis" Elenor whispered, tears brimming her eyes.

"What did he do? I'll punch him, did he cheat on you" Niall asked.

"He broke up with me" Elenor blubbered.

"Let's go and see him, Elenor will you be ok" I ask.

She nods her head. We spot Louis sitting by himself, we walk to him, he looks at us.

"Why did you break up with Elenor?" Niall asks.

"You don't understand" Louis mumbles.

"Then tell me, what don't I understand, I'm your best mate man, like your brother" Niall shouts.

"If you understand what I'm feeling, you'll hate me" Louis screams angrily.

Suddenly Harry walks by with Jess, he stops when he gets close to us, and looks confused, probably thinking, Why was Louis shouting?.

"What's going on?" Harry asks.

"Louis won't tell me why he broke up with Elenor, he says I won't understand, me his brother. Brother's don't keep secrets. Do they?" Niall explains.

"Tell us Louis" Harry mumbles.

"If I told someone, you'll hate me forever" Louis exclaims.

"Tell us, even if you killed someone, tell us" Niall shouts.

"Niall, calm down" I mumble, holding Niall hand.

"Fine I love Kayleigh, with all my heart, how can I date Elenor, when my heart belongs with Kayleigh? Every moment I'm with Elenor, I wish I was with Kayleigh instead. I've loved her since we met, I wanted her to be mine, but no, she goes and falls in love with Niall, but have you forgotten me, it makes me sick, watching you and her together, I envy you Niall, so what should I do? Tell my brother I'm in love with his girl, no, I've kept my feelings hidden so long, but I can't any more, I love Kayleigh, and only her, I don't care if she doesn't love me, but I love her, forever" Louis yells, running out, followed by Harry.

I stared open mouth, Niall held my hand tightly in love. I was shocked, speechless. I didn't know Louis liked me too, all along I  thought he hated me.

Oh no! What have I done?


Louis P.O.V

I run to the nearest bar, go and sit on the couch, I had to get away, from everything, from Niall, Harry, the rest of the boys, Kayleigh.  The pretty black haired waitress, walks to me, she smiles at me cheerfully. She tucks a strand of her black hair nervously, first day I guess.

"What would you like?" she asks.

"A drink" I reply.

Suddenly Harry runs in, just when I go to be away from them, he comes for me. Harry searches for me, then plops on the seat beside me.

"Louis" Harry begins to say.

"No, don't talk to me!" I shout in annoyance.

"Man, Why did you run away" Harry asks.

"Leave me alone" I answer.

"It's ok, if you like Kayleigh" Harry lies.

But I know it's not, not every guy, goes and falls his love, with his brother's girlfriend. No one does, except me. This Jerk called Louis.

"No, it's not" I shout angrily.

"Come back" Harry pleads.

"No" I reply, no way am I going back.

Niall would hate my guts right now, and Kayleigh, she'd be shocked, speechless, the rest of the boys, surprised and Elenor, she'd just kill me right now.

"Please" Harry begs.

"No" I mumble upset.

"For me" Harry whispers.

I shake my head, no way, was I going back.

"Please leave me, I'll be fine" I murmur.

"But" Harry mumbles.

"Harry, I'll be fine" I laugh.

"Take care man" Harry mumbles, patting my hair.

Then walks off, I'll take care, I knew why Harry came, to make sure, I don't fall in a ditch, do something I'll regret. I'm not a little kid, I could look after myself very well. Then waitress returns with my drink. I take it and sip it hungrily smiling, the pain vanishing away. I hold the waitress hand, she blushes instantly. I smile at her, she's pretty. I kiss her hand politely, watching her blush bright pink.

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