Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


15. Wake Up

Niall P.O.V

I sit in the hospital, gently rocking Jayden to sleep, it's been three months now, three months since Kayleigh fell in come, Jayden ten months now, he's growing so fast, I hope Kayleigh is awake for his birthday, watches him grow up, become a strong, handsome man. I kiss Jayden forehead, as his eye lids close. I sit their, the bottle of poison in my pocket. I take it our, and unscrew the lid. I want to die, if Kayleigh dies, I'll go with her, it's my fault, she's in coma, my fault she's lying their helpless. Every day, I cry in agony, awaiting for her to wake up, the doctor says she can wake up any time, a few months, a few years, maybe never, of course Kayleigh will wake up, she has to. I kiss Kayleigh forehead, then brush a strand of her auburn hair back.

"Niall" Zayn shouts.

He looks at me, then at the bottle of poison and takes it away from me, throwing it on the floor. I watch the big blue bottle, break into a thousand pieces, scattered everywhere on the floor.

"What are you thinking man?, I come to ask you if Kayleigh woke up, but you try and kill yourself, Why man?" Zayn asks calmly.

"It's my fault man, it's my fault she's lying their, what is she never wakes up, do you want me to live with the guilt that I could of protected her, that I could of saved her life" I shout, tears brimming in my eyes.

"It's not your fault Niall, Kayleigh will wake up man, she will wake up, tell you it's not your fault, then you and her will live happily together, like a cute couple, snogging everywhere, then one day get married, and lived happily together" Zayn explains.

"I miss her so much Zayn, so much" I whisper, sobbing my heart out.

I put Jayden on the bed, Kayleigh is sleeping on, watching him sleep next to his mummy, they look so sweet, like a cute pair of children.

Zayn walks to me, sits beside me. He looks at me, then gives me a massive hug. That's what I need now, some support and love. Zayn rocks me, side to side like a little back, I lean on his chest, and drift off to sleep.


Zayn P.O.V

"I miss her so much Zayn, it hurts" Nial whispers, sobbing his heart out.

I walk to him, then give him a massive hug. Normally I'm not into hugs, but now, my brother needs someone their, to love and support him, always be him. I'll be with him, forever.

Niall is like the little brother I never had, and wished I did. He's so sensitive, and normally a big laugh, the clown of the group, but now, Niall is the sensitive one, he's going through a hard time, and he needs me. He needs his Zayn, or as he calls me Bradford Badboi or DJ Malik.

I ruffle Niall blonde hair, like a little baby. I look at his eyes, he's drifted off to sleep, dark circles under Niall eye's. He mustn't of gotten any sleep for days, he looks so cute when he's asleep, like their no problem in the world.  I spot Harry walking in, he looks at Niall, then at me.

"What's up Zayn" Harry asks.

"Niall tried to kill himself, I've stopped him, and I am letting him sleep, he's very tired, very upset over Kayleigh in coma, worrying so much, blaming himself" I reply.

"Oh" Harry exclaims.

"I'm going to be there for him Harry, he needs me, he needs us, his brothers to support him, he's going through a very hard time" I mumble back.

"I know, Niall has taken the news the worst, I will be their for him, Zayn, I don't like seeing him like this, so sad, so lost, it hurts Zayn" Harry answers.

"I know, it hurts when your loved ones are hurts, and you can't do anything to help him, nothing to bring back a smile a face in his face" I murmur.

"It's been so long, since he's smiled" Harry says sadly.

"I know, I miss Niall the clown" I mumble.

"So much, his cracks of jokes, his funny sense of humor, even then he was always happy, I never thought I say, I miss Niall jokes" Harry mumbles sadly.

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