Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


32. Seeing You Makes Me Remember

Sebastien Charles P.O.V

I pick up the silver glass pieces from the floor, and throw them in the bin. Suddenly I gasp in shock, as a piece of glass pierces my skin. I go and inspect the damage, their on my middle finger, a cut runs down half way down my finger. I watch the red sparkling crimson blood trickle down from the cut and splashes from the floor. I put my finger in my mouth, then take it out. Suddenly the cut heals, the only thing that would suggest that I had been cut, was the little pool of blood. With a wave of my hand, the blood disappears. I pick up the crumpled up photo from the floor, and straighten it.  A small tears falls slowly on to the photo and splashes gently, I wipe the tear away from the photo, and open up my drawer. I open it slightly, and shove the photo inside, and then pick the silver ring inside. I hold the silver ring in my hand, and look at it the ring amazed, it is still as beautiful as it was before. The silver band, with six blue crystals on it, a beautiful white diamond right in the middle. I tuck the ring carefully in to my pocket, and walk towards my cellar. The cellar where I have kidnapped the young and beautiful Kayleigh. I think carefully, why did I really lock her up here. Kayleigh did not do anything. Niall did not do anything either. Why was I doing this? I thought to myself. Because I want others to feel my pain, to feel my sorrow. I want someone else, like that pathetic blonde haired superstar Niall. For him life has been easy, he had the perfect family, the perfect friends. True reliable friends who were always their with them. They had money, so much money that it was unbelievable. Money that sometimes I had to beg and cry for. They had a constant supply for food, food that sometimes I would have to starve for, get beaten for. A memory runs to my head.

A young me, with my crazy wild black hair, and black eyes spot the seller. A giant man, who had to be at least twice or three times my size. Me, just fourteen  years old. The old rags I wore, clings to my shirt. I run nervously at my head, the hot blistering sun blazing rays at me. I sweat like a pig, sweat trickles down my face. I wipe it tired. My eyes glare at the fruit seller, in front of him lay shiny red apples, yellow delicious bananas, small red cherries, bunches of strawberries. A giant water melon, and some delicious mouth watering mangoes. I lick my lips in hunger. My stomach rubbles in hunger. I walk towards the fruit seller. His dark blue eyes pierce at me, he frowns at me, like I am a worthless beggar to him. I look at the fruits carefully, which one should I steal. My heart pounded rapidly, like it was racing a marathon. I had never stolen before, but now I had too, or I was going to die of hunger. Die young, and starving. The shop seller inspects my skinny thin body, and my eyes darting at the food. I watch the fruit seller, turn to a customer. This is my chance I think. I slowly grab a bright red juicy apple, and run away from the fruit seller. The man know looks at me, the bright red juicy apple at my hand, and then charges towards me. I take a bite of the red juice apples, it filling up my hunger. I keep running, as fast as I can. But a young guy who barely eats anything, is nothing compared to the large burly giant man who must weigh three times my weight, he grabs me by my collar, and glares at me with intense hate.

"You stupid horrid brat, stealing my apple!" the giant burly man shouts, his blue eyes twinkling with hate.

"Please sir, I am so sorry, I was just so hungry" I whimper.

"Hungry you stupid brat, why should I care about someone like you, you are just a beggar, a stupid orphan worth nothing. No one even cares about you or loves you. No one would even mind if you were dead. All I care is that you steal my apple and you will have to pay" the fruit seller shouts.

A big hustle of crowds, surround me and the fruit seller. Young children holding their mother's hand, and pointing at me, and then saying anything. People giving me evil looks, then shrug their heads. I look at the children with their parents and sigh with jealousy. They have everything, loving parents. I lost both my parents, they had left me. They had abandoned me. They had not wanted me. I was just a sick wispy horrid child, that they didn't love.

"Please sir" I whisper, tears trickling down my face.

The fruit seller grimaces menacingly at me, and then with a smack of his hand, smacks me on my cheek. I fall on the floor, my fingers holding my cheek in agony. Tears splashing down my cheek. I look at everyone around, they just look at me like a piece of rubbish and smile. That was when the beating began. I curled up in a ball, as kicks and punches came my way. I cried painfully in a ball, wanting to die.

I wipe a tear. I remember that day. I had been beaten till I had scars, blood trickled from me. That stupid fruit seller, had beaten me painfully, not even thinking that I was just a poor lonely starving child. He had beaten me grimacing the whole time, his heart must have been made of stone. He nearly killed me, he broke two of my bones, busted my lip, caused me a nose bleed, given me so many scars, and even cut my head, having me to have twelve painful stitches and all for a apple. A small apple. A apple that if I had not stolen I would have died. I remember wishing to die, wishing for all the pain to end, and feeling safe. I remember I used to cry, watching the children going everywhere with their parents. Parents who loved their children unlike mine, and cared for them. I used to watch when the children grew up, and started to argue with their parents, and wish I had a parent that would argue with me. I used to think the children were very dumb, they did not realize the importance of their parents. Their parents had loved them, taken care of them, had give them food, and water. Had always been their for them, given them advice, had shouted at them, but underneath that, their parents had really loved them, a lot. I had always wished for a parent, and never got one. I opened the door, and stepped inside. I saw Kayleigh lying on the floor, looking very sick. She had not eaten a single thing that I gave her, her warm brown eyes looked dull. Her wrists tied with a rope to the chair. She kept looking at the small window. I walked towards her, wanting to shake her. Wanting to remind her it was okay, wanting to make her fun and lively again. The next thing I did not expect her to say. She must of heard me approaching her, and then glared at me with full hate like the fruit seller. Her warm brown eyes gone, now full of anger and hate. Her face looked scary like the fruit seller, tears lay on her face.

"Why me? Why ruin my life?" she shouted, glaring at me with hate and pain.

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