Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


21. Realizing You

Kayleigh P.O.V

I got discharged from the hospital a week ago, they told me,  that I have a broken leg, and that it would be better in a few months. I was fine, Niall was okay. I wiped Jayden's mouth, he cooed at me.

"Mamma love you" he cooed.

"Mummy, loved you too, baby boy" I answered, kissing his cheek.

"Kayleigh, there you are" Perrie exclaimed.

"Hi Perrie, what's up" I ask.

"Zayn just proposed to me" Perrie squeals.

"I am so happy for you" I squealed back, hugging Perrie.

Then broke the hug, Perrie smiled happily. It was so sweet, that Zayn had proposed to Perrie, I was really glad for them, truly. I wished Niall would propose to me.Suddenly Jess ran in, smiling cheerfully. It was so good to see Jess like that, after the whole Kimberly problem, nearly losing Jess.

"Guess what" Jess exclaimed.

"What, tell me" I exclaimed back.

"Harry just proposed to me" Jess screamed.

"That is amazing, you and Perrie are both going to be brides" I squealed.

"Me and Harry are getting married one week, the next Zayn and Perrie" Jess shrieked.

"Calm down, sweetie, we don't what, the next door neighbor, phoning the police, thinking we were getting attacked" I laughed.

Our neighbor was Rosa Williams, she was a nice lady in her early forties, with bright red hair, and blue eyes. She lived with her son André, and daughter Mary, she was a kind woman, who thought of us as her children, but I was sure, she would think we were getting mugged, or burgled.

"I'm going to see Niall" I broke, the silence.

"Niall" Jess mumbled, winking at me.

I smiled, leaving Jayden with aunty Jess. I heard Jess squealing to Jayden.

"Aunty, is getting married" Jess  squealed loudly, happily.

I walked to the living room, looking for Niall. I wanted to see him, I had to see him, he made me feel special. I don't know what, but I felt like we were soul mates, sparks flew everywhere he was, my heart pounded rapidly for him. Whenever I saw him, I felt like I melted, gazing at him, I think I loved him.

Where was he?

Suddenly I saw him, he was standing outside, the rain dropping on him, he looked so sweet. The rain dripped from his face, making his lips even cuter. I felt like putting my hand in his hair, and kissing him, to play with his hair, to tell him I loved him, but knew I shouldn't. He was leaning on the wall, a guitar in his hand. I listened to Niall singing sweetly, full of emotion, the song coming out of his heart.

                                                                                                                                                        "Your the girl of my dreams,

the cherry of my cake.

The one I want to be with.


Who was Niall singing about?

I listened to Niall sweet intoxicating voice, losing myself in his music, his sweet voice.

But your forgetting me,

forgetting the good times we had.

I miss you,

hugging me

kissing me.

Just being with me..

But  you don't know who I am.

Is Niall singing about me. Could it be Me.

I love the way you make me feel,

like someone else,

making me feel loved.

I love you,

 the way you are,

Perfect and Beautiful

don't want you to go,

and leave me.

So don't forget me,

the good times we had,

it just can't be gone.

Because I love you

You are my soul mates,

and I love you so much"


Suddenly I remembered him, Niall. Me and him going to the party, him telling me, that I was beautiful, that he loved me. Him throwing me out of the house, me in the alley, getting hit, forgetting Niall. Me accidentally cheating on him with Harry,  me missing Niall. Him repeating it was his fault, that I got hurt. Him trying to drink poison, but luckily Zayn saved him. Me calling him my Irish, the god times we had. Me and him on the beach, eating ice cream, him kissing me.

I remembered in my time at the hospital, after I got hit in the alley, with my eyes closed, Thinking.

Why couldn't I wake up?

Why couldn't I see Niall?

I heard his voice, and knew he was sitting beside me all the time I was in coma, him kissing my forehead, him cradling Jayden, him telling me, he loved me. I remember being angry, that I couldn't wake up, couldn't see Niall, couldn't tell Niall that it wasn't his fault, that I loved him so much. That I was sorry for cheating on with Harry, sorry that I made him cry. Wanting to tell him, that it's okay, that it was fate, I was to get hit on the head in the alley, and fall in coma, that it wasn't his fault, not one bit, that even if he was their, it would of happened, one way or the other. But most of all, to wake up, and snuggle in his arms.

"Niall" I exclaim, hugging him tightly.

Niall dropped the guitar, gazing at me, his blue eyes look at my brown eyes lovingly, full of loe..

"Kayleigh, you" he begins to say.

"I remember you Niall, I never cheated on you with Harry and I love you, so much" I exclaim.

"I love you too Kayleigh, I missed you so much" Niall whispered, kissing me.

I kissed his lips, standing outside in the rain, feeling so safe. Like I belonged here, in Niall's arm.


Niall P.O.V

She remembers me, she remembers me.

"I'm sorry Kayleigh, for throwing you out, for breaking your heart, for accusing you cheated on Harry, when you didn't. For losing you, for hurting you so much, please forgive me Kayleigh" I cry.

"Niall it's ok, I forgive you, after all I love you too much, after all you are my soul mate" Kayleigh whispers.

"I will never let you go" I exclaim, tucking a strand of her auburn brown hair..

"And I will never leave your side" Kayleigh replies, caressing my blonde hair.

"My Kay Love" I whisper.

"My Irish" Kayleigh mumbles.

"Forever" I continue.

"For eternity" Kayleigh corrects me.

This is my time, to propose to Kayleigh. To make sure, she is mine. To make sure, she always stays with me, to never lose her, never. To never hurt her ever again.

I go on my knees, my heart pounding rapidly, beads of sweat trickles down my face, I wipe it off, taking the box out of my pocket.


Kayleigh P.O.V

Niall  goes on my knees, his heart pounding rapidly, beads of sweat trickles down his  face. He wipe it off, taking the box out of his pocket.

I smile in shock, it was going to happened, I had waited for this, for so long.

"Kayleigh West, will you marry me" Niall proposes.

I stand their breathless. I hold my breath, Niall was proposing to me. I had imagined this day so long, for us to be together again, I was so happy, tears of joy fell from my eyes. I wiped it off, then gazed at Niall blue eyes, full of love.

"I don't know what to say" I utter, speechless.

"Say yes" Niall mumbles.

"Yes" I exclaim happily.

Niall slips the ring in my ring finger, I look at it. It's sapphire blue diamonds sparkling radiantly. I smile in shock, and happiness.

"I love you Niall" I exclaim.

"I love you more Kayleigh Horan" Niall answers, hugging me.

Kayleigh Horan, it sounded so right, so perfect. Just like us, me and Niall together forever, nothing can split us forever, we will be together for eternity.


Louis P.O.V

"Kayleigh" I call out.

I look around for Kayleigh, searching everywhere for her.

Where could she be?

"Harry, have you seen Kayleigh" I ask Harry.

"She's outside" Harry answers.


Why was she outside?

I run outside, then spot Kayleigh, she's talking with someone, a guy. Jealousy runs over me.

"Kayleigh West, will you marry me" a guy's voice says.

"Yes" Kayleigh answers.

No, No. Kayleigh can't marry someone else. She has to marry me, Kayleigh is mine. My Kayleigh, mine, nobody else, my girl, my bride to me, my soul mate. The stranger, puts a wedding band on Kayleigh finger. I stand in shock, mouth open, how could this be.

"I love you Niall" Kayleigh exclaims.

No, not Niall. She could not marry Niall, she could not love him. She must of got her memory back, but how. She gets her memory back, then goes back with the guy who bad mouths her, then throws her out of the house. I would of been much better for Kayleigh, even if she cheated on me, I would never throw her out. I would never let her go away from me, her to always be in my arms, not his.

"I love you Kayleigh" Niall answers, hugging Kayleigh.

I fight back the tears that come in my eye. I run to my house, then run to my room, and slam the door. I hit the wall angrily, again and again. I wouldn't let Kayleigh marry Niall. I wouldn't let my Kayleigh marry some one else, she was mine, and no one else. I will stop Niall marrying Kayleigh, I had to. Kayleigh, why couldn't you fall in love with me.

Kayleigh why couldn't you love me

Niall, why do you steal my girl from me.

Everyone else, Why did you all not want me being with Kayleigh, and prefer her with Niall.

Fate, why do you take Kayleigh away from me, my soul mate. 

God, I hate you, for taking away my love forever.

I won't let Niall get Kayleigh, I won't. Kayleigh would never get married to Niall, or any one else, she can only marry one person, or fall in love with one person.


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