Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


11. Niall didn't come

Kayleigh P.O.V

After a week, they let me come back home. I'm on my maternity leave, at the moment. I dress Jayden, in a blue pajamas, they let him sleep in his cot. Suddenly the door rings, I wipe Jayden food off my top, then go and open the door.

I smile in shock, when I see it is, Perrie, Elenor, Danielle, Harry, Jess, Liam, Louis and Zayn, they smile when they see me. I am so surprised, how are they here?

"Oh my god, I am so surprised that you guys are here, please come in" I exclaim, beckoning them to come in.

They walk into my apartment, looking at it. I've made it as home as possible, with pictures of me and Jayden on the wall, and sequined the cushions, so they look pretty. Jess looks at me, then gives me a massive hug, we cry as we hug. Jess, I've missed her so much.

"Kayleigh" Jess mumbles.

"Jess, I missed you so much" I exclaim.

"I've missed you so much too Kay, I know what happened was a accident" Jess mumbles.

"You have a nice place" Perrie mumbles.

"Thanks" I reply.

"So where's Jayden?" Perrie asks.

"How did you know" I exclaim.

"Harry told us" Elenor begins to say, they look at my expression, then smile.

"Don't worry Niall doesn't know" Elenor continues.

I point them to Jayden room, they follow behind me. I open the room that Jayden is sleeping in. Danielle creeps up to Jayden, then looks at him.

"He's gorgeous" Danielle exclaims.

"I know so cute" Elenor coos.

"Do you want to pick him up" I ask.

"Can I" Elenor mumbles.

I pick up Jayden, and lay him on Elenor arms, she places her arms around him, and smiles at him.

"He's sleeping" Elenor whispers.

"He'll get loads of girls when he's older" Zayn mumbles.

Everyone laughs, my little baby.

"Kayleigh, how was the past few months" Elenor asks.

"Was fine, I got a job at a restaurant, good money, good neighbors" I mumble.

"Kayleigh, we missed you so much" Louis mutters.

"Well I've missed you guys loads too" I mumble.

I look around, hoping that Niall would come, but then remind myself, that he won't come. I wonder how he is right now, is he okay. Jayden stirs in his sleep. Elenor places him carefully in the cot. We walk out of Jayden room.

"Would you like anything to eat" I ask.

"No, we're fine" Zayn mumbles.

I walk to the kitchen, take a packet of biscuits, then walk back to the living room, then put it on the table. I switch on the tv, there's a picture of a girl with blonde hair. The  caption reads "Has Kayleigh dyed her hair blonde or is this Niall new girlfriend" I put the volume up, and listen hard.

"We found Niall kissing this girl, is this Kayleigh, but has she dyed her hair blonde or someone else"

I shake my head, Niall's moved on. He's never coming back to me.

"Niall goes to propose to her, but runs off, what is going on?"

I switch off the TV, Niall found a girlfriend, I hope he has a happy life with her,

"Kayleigh are you okay" Harry asks.

"I'm fine" I lie.

Even though, I knew I wasn't fine, that I was upset that Niall gone.


Niall P.O.V

I walk inside the house, I just couldn't propose to Kimberly, I still loved Kayleigh, and probably always will. I looked around for the boys.

"Guys, where are you?" I shout. I walk to the fridge where I see a note

Gone out with girls, be back later

Where have they gone? Without me, I shake my head. Then sit on the couch, Kayleigh. I couldn't deny it, I still couldn't forget Kayleigh, everyone I looked I saw Kayleigh, I still loved her, I couldn't hide it. I had to find her, my true love, my soul mate.


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