Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


31. Memories

Sebastien Charles P.O.V

I sit in the living room, on the plush satin purple sofa. I button my clean blue shirt up to my collar, and then walk towards the glistening mirror. I see my reflection, my reflection of a young handsome cool guy, with cool wet coal black hair plastered to my head, my black eyes piercing at the mirror. The shower had just broken today. Stupid shower. One minute it was warm hot water splashing on to my skin, the next, ice cold really freezing water trickling down the stupid shower. I take out my perfume from the cupboard, and spray it on to me. Then inhale deeply, a wonderful nice smell of beautiful tulips and fresh daisies like in the summer. I then walk towards the sofa, and land gracefully on it, and pick the black remote control, and click on the red power button. The television snaps open, the white light blinding me. I look at the channel that is groan and then groan with frustration it was just some boring mortal show called East Enders, so boring. I change the channel with a push of a button, and then sigh bored to see it i just some boring game show, then change the channel again, feeling very bored, then moan angrily it was just a stupid mortal romance film. After going through another two hundred and seventy five channels, I throw the television remote right into the air. I watch it smash it something. Just great.

"After going through two hundred and seventy five channels, possibly two hundred and seventy eight  or maybe seventy nine channels you expect at least one good thing to be on, god, what a waste of television and money" I groan, then walk towards the remote control that lays on the floor, hitting something on the way.

I wonder what I broke now. Not that I cared anyway. It was not my fault that the old boring stupid television had nothing good on. I mean I paid good money for it monthly, and so I did for the shower. It was not my fault I had a cold freezing shower, was very tired, and had nothing good to do. Stupid day. Today was not my day, I was seriously angry, and bored. I wipe a sweat that trickles down my face, and then look to see a beautiful silver photo frame laying on the floor, beside thousand of silver glass pieces. I shove the silver glass pieces to a side, trying not to prick  myself, and then picture and turn it around so I can see it. I gasp in shock, when I see the picture, my heart pounds rapidly. I gasp in shock. The picture is of me, a slightly younger looking me, still looking handsome as I am now, in fact maybe I was more handsome then, me grinning happily at the camera, a bunch of candy floss in my mouth. Now I don't smile, but those days I used to smile every day, being happy and me. Beside me is a beautiful brown haired woman with long hair, elegantly wrapped in a bun. She sticks her tongue right to the camera, holding on to a piece of candy floss. Her warm brown eyes melting my heart, as she stares at the camera, blushing. I turn around the photo to see the names written in black ink on them:

Sebastien Charles and his beautiful girlfriend Emma having a exciting day at the fun fair xxx Sebastien Charles am so in love.

I flip the photo around and look carefully, and then stare hard into the picture. Tears brimming in my eyes, tears trickle down my face and splash on to the photo. I remember this day, it was exactly five years ago, five years ago. I remember that day at the fun fair, and that memory would never fade away.


I run into the fun fair with my girlfriend Emma, my arm wrapped around her slender perfect waist. She tosses her long perfect brown hair at me, and then smiles happily, then winks at me. The loud noise of the fun fair roaring happily around us. Young children's running on to the rides, their parents running slowly after them. Young babies crying. Young couples like me and Emma, holding each others hand, and staring at each other, with love in their eyes.

"I had a happy beautiful day with you Sebastien, and a brilliant seventeen birthday" Emma thanks me.

"You will have a billion special birthday's Emma, as long as you are with me, do you want some delicious pink candyfloss" I ask her smiling happily at her, enjoying the day.

"Yes please, candyfloss. I love them" Emma exclaims.

We walk towards the candyfloss stall. The owner a woman probably in her early forties, with black hair with a few strands of white smiles at us happily.

"Would you like some candyfloss children" the owners asked.

"Two packets please" I answer.

"Two pounds" the woman replies, she takes out two big packets of candyfloss and hands them to me and Emma. I give the woman a five pound note. The woman goes to give me three pound change, but I shake my head telling her to keep it.

"Have fun children, remain happy and healthy as you are now, together forever" the woman praises us, her brown eyes twinkling with happiness towards us.

We keep walking around the fun fair, taking a taste of the candyfloss.

"It's delicious right" I ask Emma, she smiles cheerfully at me, tossing her silky brown hair in my face.

"Super, it feels like I am on cloud nine, I love candyfloss and I love you Sebastien" Emma tells me.

I tuck a strand of her glossy brown hair, and then melt under her warm brown eyes, and resist kissing her in public.

"I love you too very much" I mumble.

Suddenly a photographer, walks towards us and then smiles happily, a massive grin plastered on his face. He looks to be about twenty five, with faded blonde hair, he looks at me then at Emma, then rubs nervously at his eye.

"Would you and your girlfriend like to have a picture taken" the photographer asks, pointing at us and then to his camera.

"No thanks we are ok" I begin to say.
"Please, have a picture I will make sure you both look fantastic" the photographer praises.

"Come on let's have a picture" Emma pleads.

"Fine, one" I answer.

We stand back, I wrap my arms around Emma, she smiles happily at me. The photographer smiles, signalling the photo to be taken.

"I love you so much" Emma whispers to me, kissing my cheek then looking back into the camera, as the camera flashes.

I hold the photo to my heart, and begin to cry. How could have things went so wrong when things were going so right. I was happy, and thought we would be, together forever. Suddenly another image comes to me.

I get a text from Emma to meet me her immediately. I grab my green coat, and run to her house.  Even though it was very late.The rain pouring heavily on to me like cats and dogs, the wind whistles, and the tree's dance. I finally reach Emma's house. My heart races fast, pounding rapidly. I take a deep breathe, trying to calm down myself and ring on Emma's door. She opens the door, dressed in her pajamas. Emma's mascara running down her face, she forces a smile when she see's me, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Emma what happened that you had to call me now, why are you crying?" I asked.

Emma just stood their, trembling with fear. Why didn't she answer? What had happened? I needed to now.

"Tell me Emma I need to know" I tell her.

"I am so sorry Sebastien, but we need to break up" she tells me.

"What do you mean?" I ask with concern.

"I'm sorry but it's over" Emma tells me.

Why does she say that? Normally the guy tells the girl. not the other way around. We were so happy why?

"Why? please tell me, is it my fault, did I do anything wrong" I ask.

"No! don't blame yourself Sebastien, it was my fault, my mistake, I cheated on you, I am pregnant now" Emma whispers slowly, then looks right into my eyes.

"What!" I whisper, through tears.

"Sebastien please don't cry, I am so sorry" Emma whispers trying to calm me down.

Suddenly a guy steps out behind Emma, and kisses her forehead, he looks at me crying then shrugs, like he doesn't know what is going on, and does not care.

"How could you Emma, to me, I thought you loved me, I thought we would be together forever, why me?" I ask trembling, my throat thickening, tears brim in my eyes. I wipe a tear that trickled down my face, hoping this to be a horrible nightmare, and to wake up and none of this to me true.

"I am so sorry" Emma repeats, trembling.

"Sorry won't make it better, I hate you Emma, I never want to see your face again" I shout, running out, tears splashing down my face.

"Sebastien I am so sorry" I hear Emma cry loudly, her voice echoing down the streets. As I run down the streets heart broken, and scared, losing the one and only love I ever had.


I collapse on the floor, my fingers tightening. I clutch tightly on to the photo and lay it in the floor. Tears trickling down my face. I thought I would forget her. But I can't, because I still love her. I try and shake my head away from the memory, and continue crying.  I  could never throw away this picture, this was the only way I could see her. See how things had been before. I had been handsome, kind, clever and had the most beautiful loving girlfriend in the world, and I thought I would remain happy forever. I used to think people were jealous of me. Now I am jealous of young couples like Kayleigh and Niall who are so in love, and so happy, and would be happy together. That is why I had to stop their happiness. I knew that one second I would never forget her ever, and that Kayleigh was mine. Kayleigh would fill the hole Emma left me, and fill it up with love and never let me cry ever again. I would be happy too. I would be happy just as I was before. I would never be sad again. I would be loved, I would have someone who would miss me if I left, someone who I would leave a mark in. Someone who would share my pain, and sorrow, and share the unhappiness I went through. Then I think to Niall. He would be just like me, sad, lonely, unhappy, always wanting to kill himself. Losing the one you love the most is the one thing that you can't over come; it will stay in your life forever. I grimaced happily, wiping the tears. I would cry no longer. I would not cry ever again.


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