Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


2. Meeting the boys

Kayleigh P.O.V

I peer clearly through my glasses at my laptop staring at the message carefully, reading it again and again.

Write a book by the end of summer from your editor or else

How was I supposed to write a book by the end of summer, guess my summer was gone. I scribble ideas in my book then scrunch it into a paper ball and throw it on the floor. Argh, how was I?

"Arrgh" I groaned frustrated, bashing my head on the bed.

I hated my boss, the old man, ruining my lovely summer. How did he expect me to write a story? Why don't he write it himself?. He just sits their lazily, moaning at me. Just because he is  rich, and he is my father's friend, I have to work for him. After all, I needed the money, for college. I wanted to become a writer for sure, just like my mother. I love writing romance books, but not those ones about falling in love with arrogant stuck up celebrities, true love. Just like my parents. Not some stupid stories, about girls falling for some stuck up rich celebrities, true love is for people who are true to each other, who trust one another, who love each other for being them self.

"You don't know you're beautiful" my cousin Jessica sings out loudly, hoping to annoy me, guess what she does, a lot.

I ignore her as usual and continue scribbling ideas, trying to get an idea; for her, life is easy. She doesn't care, all she cares about is day-dreaming about falling in love with celebrities, which I think is a joke. I mean it is one thing day dreaming about falling in love with celebrities, still stupid I think, but believing it, people who chase celebrities around, like a hunter and it's prey, mad. So obsessed over someone else, wasting their life instead. Then those celebrities who say, I don't like paparazzi, I just want some privacy, some peace and quiet, Who says leave me alone. I am really just a ordinary person, well if you mean performing world wide, meeting famous people, having their life's written in paper, getting people making all  their decisions, like what they do, when they perform, nothing in control of their life, their lives ruined. All those celebrities who say I just want to be ordinary, if they want to be ordinary, tell the fans they want a normal life, don't waste so much money, don't act all cool, be normal, like people like me. I would never want to be a celebrity, all the hard work, pressure from everywhere, the constant no privacy, for example, going to Tesco's, then having people run around them, jump on them, dying for them. Sometimes I wonder, if those people who say they would die for celebrities, and I mean literally, really do it, and why, when you don't even know who the celebrity really is .

"You don't know your beautiful" she shouts loudly beside me in her high pitched voice.

I look at her my brown eyes meeting her's, she smiles at me cheekily.

"Guess what" my cousin shouts excited, jumping up and down, her blonde hair, bobbing up and down, behind her.

"Just tell me, spill the beans" I replied, impatient, knowing my cousin she would have to tell anything.

"I won a writing competition to meet one direction.Yes" she cries out loud, taking her head phones out, she squeals loudly.

"Writing competition, I didn't know you were good at writing" I mumble suspiciously, glancing at her eyes widen.

"I sent your entry,duh" she murmured.

"What! you sent my writing about those boys and now I have to meet them,Why? no" I groaned, smacking my forehead in annoyance.

"Your really good at writing and it is one direction, Harry" she sighs.

"Whatever" I groan painfully.

"Were spending the summer with them" my cousin screams happily, like her dream come true.

For her it would be a dream, spending her summer vacations, with five stupid arrogant rich boys, who think their all good looking, that they get any girl they want, and waste their money, when people are dying for money, for hunger.

"No" I cried out in annoyance, just to top of my summer.

I had to spend the summer with 5 boys, 5 arrogant rich boys, who sang, then enjoyed their life lazily..

"Were meeting them now" my cousin screams like a maniac.

"But I'm writing" I mumbled back staring at the heaps of paper on my bed sadly.

"Were going in 5 minutes get dressed" My cousin yelled getting out of my room.

Why me? I don't have time to meet 1 direction unlike thousands of girls I wasn't a direction-er. I put on my jeans, a pale lilac top with a jumper and tie my hair in a pony tail. I walk outside to see my cousin she stares at me shocked, like I gust got dressed like an ape, or a monkey, her mouth open wide, she blinks open her eyes repeatably, then stares in shock.

"No way, you are not wearing that" She cried out, like I picked a trash bag to wear.

"Why it's comfortable" I replied, truthfully.

Unlike some people. I didn't want to wear short skirts, short tops, when going to meet one direction, I had better things to do, then get stared up and down by some boys. Who would look at me creepily, thinking that girl is so fat and ugly. No way, I was happy just being myself.

"You have to look your best" she exclaims pushing me into my bedroom.

An hour later, I was dressed in a pink top and a black skirt, my cousin had curled my hair and plastered make up all over my face. I held my suitcase tightly then grabbed my jacket and we walk into the park, where one direction should be there. Suddenly my cousin screams out, jumping up and down.

I look to see what she's screaming at then sign it was 5 boys, one direction I thought. The curly one my cousin likes shook my cousin hand.

"You must be Kayleigh, we loved your story" the curly one exclaimed.

Yeah right, my story had about the 5 boys being jerks, and air heads, then a girl falling in love with them. I bet they only liked it, because the girl falls for them. God, stupid stuck up boys.

"No I'm not Kayleigh, I'm Jessica this is my cousin Kayleigh, I sent her entry" my cousin retorted nervously, biting her nails.

"It was a great story" the Irish one complimented.

I nodded bored, how long was this going to take. Unlike them, I was too busy, and had to work to get money. I just hoped this summer finished quickly and without any problems.

"She doesn't really like one direction, she doesn't even know your names" my cousin laughed.

"Yes I do, your the curly one my cousin likes" I explained pointing at the  curly one, Harry I think.

"Your the cute Irish leprechaun" I mumbled pointing at the blonde one Neill I think, whatever his name was. I did not care.

"Your the bad boy, your the mature one, and your Louisa" I suggested pointing at them.

"Louisa, hey" the bad boy laughed.

"Louis actually" Louis mumbled nervously, looking down nervously, blushing beetroot red.

The Irish one looked at me then smiled blushing cutey, what was his problem? Oh cute, that was why he was blushing, oh god. I didn't need someone else being a jerk, boys are jerks, that's my policy. God boys. Why did they even exist?

"Should we go" the Irish one suggested linking arms with me.

I nodded trying to force a smile, calm myself. I am going to be good behaved this summer, not be bad behaved, and bossy. My cousin held the curly one hand then smiled at me, blushing happily, OMG she mouths, good for you I mouth back frustrated.

Niall P.O.V

"Your the cute Irish leprechaun one" the girl suggested.

I looked at her, she was gorgeous but I had a feeling she rather be any where but here. Her cousin on the other side was attracted to Harry, she seemed like a massive one direction fan. I linked arms with Kayleigh she made me feel like some one else, she felt like she was my soul mate. I only knew her for a few minutes, but it felt like I knew her forever. Weird huh.

"Should I hold her suitcase" I suggested seeing Harry carry her cousin suitcase, then think this is my time to impress her. After all I needed a girlfriend.

"Sure" Kayleigh replied smiling at me.

I held her light suitcase in one hand, she had a writing talent. Her story had me in giggles, about a girl meeting one direction that girl hated one direction, but in the end she found love in one of the boys in one direction. Louis kept looking at Kayleigh in a flirty look, did I have to remind him he had a girl friend. We walked to our hotel, the receptionist a middle aged woman whose name was Susie, smiled at us handing us 2 silver keys.

"Girls, here's your hotel room, your next door to us" Harry exclaimed handing Kayleigh the silver key.

We walked to our side of the hotel the VIP section, we stood outside for a minute then Louis broke the silence.

"Bye girls" Louis mumbled gazing at Kayleigh.

"Bye Kayleigh" I whispered loudly to Kayleigh.

"Bye my Irish and friends" Kayleigh replied walking to her room with her cousin Jess.

My Irish I blushed, she called me her Irish. I day dreamed her and me at our wedding she would whisper instead of yes she would say yes my Irish.

"Niall" Harry exclaimed breaking me out of my day dream.

I noticed I was standing outside of my room, I walked inside.

"You like her" Harry whispered to me.

"You like her cousin" I whispered to Harry.

"Don't change the subject do you or not like Kayleigh" Harry interrupted.

"I think she's my soul mate" I exclaimed.

Louis looked at me sternly then sat on his bed.

"What's up with him" Harry asked.

"No idea, maybe he's tired" I suggested though I knew he wasn't.

Louis was behaving like this since we met the girls, did he like Kayleigh? of course not he had a girlfriend.

"Kayleigh and Niall sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Harry began to say in a annoying tone.

glared at him, sometimes he could be so annoying.

"Shut up curly" I moaned punching his arm.

Louis P.O.V

I wasn't tired no way, I was just trying to think of a way, to make sure Kayleigh is mine, she can't be Niall's no way, Am I letting her with him, I love her.

"Zayn" I whisper Zayn, shaking him.

"What!" Zayn exclaims, like a boy  caught stealing sweets by his mother.

"What do you think of Kayleigh?" I ask curiously.

The last thing I needed, was another boy, falling for Kayleigh, it would make my problem a lot less, but then Zayn was happily dating Perrie.

"She's nice, I guess, Why?" Zayn retorts.

"Nothing" I lie.

"Go to sleep" Liam mumbles.

"I am, daddy direction-er" I mumble.

That's been our nickname for him, Daddy direction-er, we know he's like the daddy of the family, the one who looks after us, makes sure were good. Funny though, that he's the one, who stills likes toy story, and sucks his thumb. I look at Liam now, sucking his thumb, then drift off to sleep, knowing that Liam wouldn't like Kayleigh, he was too much in love with Danielle, and toy story for that, go buzz light year, go toy story for him.

"Boo Bear" Liam mumbles in his sleep.


Harry P.O.V

I really like Jessica, I think she's the one. I found it funny, that she's a massive one direction fan, but she seems nice, kind, caring. I'm glad that Niall found someone, he's been mopey forever. I  told him, he could get any girl he wanted, but he wasn't bothered.

"Boo Bear" Liam mumbles in his sleep.

I bit my tongue, trying to bit away my laugh. Then drifted off to sleep, I can imagine me and Jess together, and Niall and Kayleigh together, at a picnic, while our children play. Wait, what am I thinking, we ain't even married yet, thinking about children, gosh.

what am I thinking?

What is happening to me?

Is this LOVE

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