Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


20. Fight

Kayleigh P.O.V

I have had enough, no more of my loved ones were going to get hurt, because of me, and they were getting hurt. If anything happened to Jessicca, I couldn't live with myself. The pain, my loved ones had been caused because of me, had to stop, no more. Jessicca, she was very annoying, yes, irritating yes, slightly an air head, crazy, but still she was my cousin, she was my cousin who was like a sister to me, she annoyed me, but I loved her for it, I loved her pieces, she was supporting, kind, friendly, some one who wouldn't even harm a fly, wouldn't hurt any one, she was too sweet, gold at heart, she would never mean to hurt anyone. I wondered how she was feeling now, the pain she must of been caused, the fear of what Kimberly could do to her. If Kimberly even hurt a strand of her hair, I would kill her, literally. It was all right, messing with me, hurting with me, but my loved ones, my family was just off limits. If Kimberly wanted to hurt me, she could just come and hit me, instead of hurting my loved ones. I understand Harry feeling, he is in love with my cousin, and it's sweet. He only wants to give me, so he can save her. I know the pain is, the pain when you know your loved ones are being hurt, and you can help them, but you can't, you are left powerless, scared, frightened to tears, more pain then you can handle, so much pain. I knew Niall didn't want to sacrifice me, because he loves me. I can see in his eyes, he would give his life, or any ones life for mine, but I didn't want people sacrificing their life for me. I know what I had to do, I had to save Jessicca from Kimberly, for sure. Kimberly heart is cold, her mind is twisted, she is cold hear-ted, a devil at heart, an evil person, mind so sick they would kill, lives, of innocent.

I walked to Liam, he sited beside Zayn. Zayn got hurt because of me, lucky it was nothing serious, but if he had got hurt serious, or even died, do you think I could live with myself, knowing because of me, he had died, lost his amazing life, knowing that every tear of Perrie, was because of me, because of my life. My stupid worthless life, not worth saving, honestly.

"Liam, could you please look after Jayden" I ask, innocently.

"Sure, come here little boy" Liam called out, taking Jayden out of my hands.

I knew Liam would take care of Jayden, he was a great guy, and loved playing with Jayden, he had this funny grown up conversations with him, so sweet, treated Jayden like a adult. I wanted to hold my baby boy, cradle him in my arms, never leave him, stay here with him, but I couldn't. I had to go, and save Jess. I wanted to be with him, like any normal mother, I had a gorgeous baby boy, a lovely family, everything I ever wished I could have, and here I was, going to throw it all away, forever. I wipe a tear that trickled down my eye, I couldn't let anyone know that I was going to go, and save Jess. They would stop me for sure, even Niall. I hated lying to my family, but I had to. I hoped they forgive me, and look after Jayden really well.

I looked at Jayden, this could be the last time I see him, my little boy, only eleven months, he needs so much of his mother's love, needs me to be their for him, but I can't. If this is my last time, I want to tell him I love him, and that he gets the love he should get, be kept safe, that happiness fills his life. But I know he would get the love, he is with his loved ones, with people who I know will love him, and keep him safe, fill the hole of me, would take care of my little boy, make him so happy, make him never lose any love.

I walk out of the hospital, I spot Niall phone on the seat, he is busy chatting to the receptionist, I look at him, he is busy asking something about Zayn, and if he is okay. I grab Niall phone secretively, and walk outside. I look at Niall last phones, then see one from Jess, then know it's from Kimberly.

"Where should I meet you" I ask.

"178 Warehouse Alley, and don't bring anyone, or I will kill Jessicca" Kimberly threats.

"Of course, will be their quick, just don't hurt Jess, and of course I won't bring no one, I'm not stupid you know, duh" I answer.

What did she think that I would bring the boys, what a stupid girl?

I get to the warehouse, in about twelve minutes, I open the warehouse door, making sure it was the right number, I look around, it's dark and cold, I shiver in the cold, a gust of breeze trails around the room.

"So you are here" a figure shouts, stepping out of the darkness.

I look to see Kimberly, Jessicca is tied behind her, wrapped around with ropes to a chair, and she is lying conscious, breathing slowly, and painfully.

What is wrong with her?

Is she ok, if she got hurt. I would kill Kimberly.

Why isn't Jess moving?

"Jess" I shout loudly, voice echoing around the room, loud and clear.

"Your Jess is just fine, you on the other hand, are not" Kimberly shouts, taking a gun out angrily, her face full of rage and anger.

I run to her quickly, and then kick her powerfully on her stomach. I wasn't very strong, but I will save myself and Jess. I hold Kimberly hair tightly, pulling it hard. She kicks, and punches me. I try not to let her go, then continue punching her, she shouts something at me, but I can't hear.

"Let me go Brat" Kimberly utters, I think.

Suddenly Niall runs in, what? What is he doing here? Niall runs to us. I look at Niall, big mistake; Kimberly pushes me off, then takes out the gun.

"Niall" I shout out.

Kimberly points the gun at Niall, her eyes darting mischievously, she smiles sneakily. Her emerald green eyes, shining with excitement, she tucks a strand of her blonde hair, then smiles menacingly, like were her victims, she is the hunter, the dangerous hunter.

"Bye, Bye Niall" Kimberly exclaims, smiling.

No, I was not going to let some one else get hurt, not Niall. He would never want to hurt anyone; he didn't deserve to die, not ever. Niall looks at Kimberly scared beads of sweat trickles down his face. How did he get here, why? I didn't want him to die. I glance at Kimberly; she goes to pull the trigger. I scream in anger loudly.

"Niall" I shout, running to Niall.

Suddenly, I felt pain in my leg; I look at my leg, to see blood oozing out, so much blood, so much pain. Niall runs to me, looking worried. I try and stand up, my leg shaking , then run with one leg to Kimberly, trying not to fall, or groan in pain. I punch Kimberly angrily.

"Kayleigh" Niall shouts, running to me, approaching me. His eyes looking at me in tender and love. Niall. My true love.

Suddenly I drift off into the darkness.

Niall P.O.V

I hold Kayleigh tightly, Kimberly lies on the floor. I look at Kayleigh, blood coming out of her legs, tears splashing down her cheek.

"Kayleigh, don't leave me" I cry.

She saved me, saved my life, and I know she is hurt. Harry runs in, looks at Kimberly, then at Kayleigh in surprise, he stands in shock.

"Jessicca their, go rescue her, Kim shot Kayleigh" I cry, pointing to Jessicca.

Harry nods, untying Jess, then runs to us, eyes widen in distress.  I look at Jess, apart from a bleeding lip, and a black eye, she looks ok. It's Kayleigh that’s got the worst of it.

Why Kayleigh?


I had saw Kimberly number on my phone, and knew Kayleigh went. I checked voice mail, and heard out where they were? I thought I'd be quick enough to save her, to protect her, but instead she saved me. She saved my life. I'm only living because of her. My little princess, She saved me, for that minute, I thought I was going to die, lose my life forever, but I'm still alive, breathing, while Kayleigh lays on the floor, a bullet in her leg, lying on the floor, not moving, blood everywhere.

"Is she" Jess begins to say.

"She got shot in the leg" I whisper.

"She'll be ok" Harry exclaims, patting my back, reassuring me.
"Yeah, she will be ok" Jess repeats.

I nod my head, Kayleigh was a brave girl, she was not going to let go. I wipe tears that trickle down my face, and shake up and down, sobbing tightly. I hold her to my chest, clutching her hand tightly, she lies their not moving. If it wasn't her breathing, you would think she was dead. Kayleigh would be alright, she would be safe. I didn't even care, if she didn't know me, just for her to be okay, for her to be safe, alive. Her to be okay, not lying UN conscious, because of me, because she saved me worthless life. Kayleigh would be fine; she would wake up, maybe with a broken leg, but otherwise happy, safe, and alive. She would kiss me awake, we would celebrate Jayden birthday party together, and we would be together, as a family. I love Jayden, as a son, I didn't care if he was Harry real son, he was my son too, Kayleigh was my wife too, this was my family, beautiful, and perfect. I must be so lucky, to get a family as perfect as this. I must have done something really good, god protect my family, and loved ones.

"Kayleigh" I scream, angrily, tears coming down my eyes, angrily.

I had to be strong, for Kayleigh, for every one, and I will be strong, I had to be. My family needed me to be strong, but I know they will be their for me, to support me, to love me, to make everything okay, and everything will be okay. My life will be perfect again, it just had to be.

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