Soul Mates (One Direction Fan Fiction)

This Book was written by Sabitha Kiritharan.

Kayleigh is an average 16 year old living with her best friend and cousin Jessicca. When Jessicca wins tickets for her and her cousin to stay the summer with the hottest boy band ever 1 direction any girl dream. The summer goes well but trouble stirs up and Kayleigh horrifying past comes back. Is falling in love with one direction as easy as it is. As hate and anger falls on Kayleigh. Will it destroy love. If more than one guy falls in love with the same girl, who will she choose?


14. Attack

Three weeks later...

Kayleigh P.O.V

I pick up Jayden from Shirley, and collect my weekly wages, I smile as I shove them into my pockets.

"Bye love, Bye Jayden, take care" Shirley  calls out, air kissing Jayden.

"Bye Shirley, see you tomorrow" I call back, walking out.

I get hit with a sudden breeze of cool wind, I look at the moon shining among the dark sky, the stars all hidden away. London looks scary at night, very cold, at dark. I begin my seven minute walk to my apartment, baby Jayden on my hip. Jayden is loved by everyone, I guess everyone loves Jayden, he's so cute and sweet, and get's on really well with everyone. Suddenly I get pulled into a dark alley. I turn to see who have pulled me, their standing are four muscled guys, wearing all black, they glare at me mischievously. The four of them circle me; one with blonde hair, one with fake blue hair, one who dark black hair, and the other, he is bald. I never knew when people met alley criminals, but this is what I guess. People who want your money, and would hurt you for it.

"Hello, little girl" says the blonde guy.

"What do you want?" I ask, scared.

My heart pounded rapidly, I wiped the beads of sweat that trickled on my face, I breathed deeply, fear running down my veins,  terror stricken.

"Your life" the bald man shouts.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll give you my money" I beg, tears running down my face.

"No crying sweetie, we'll make sure, you go right to heaven, with your baby" the fake blue haired guy says.

No, not my baby too. Why were these people trying to kill me? What did I do? I knew that, this time, Niall wouldn't be able to rescue me, no one could.

"Please, no" I  cry.

"We don't like girls who cry" the black haired man shouts.

"Please don't hurt me, I don't want to die" I beg, on the black haired man foot.

From what it looks like, he's the boss. If he just spared mine and Jayden life, I'll pay him as much money as I can, I didn't want to die.

"Go and die b****" the black haired man shouts, kicking me on the floor.

I roll on the wet floor, I put Jayden on the floor, trying to protect him, I didn't him to get hurt too, my little boy, I love him so much, I'll never see him grow up.

They kick me, slap me, calling me horrible names, they get a log and bash me, I curl around my baby, making sure to protect him. I look at his green eyes, looking at me.

Suddenly they bash me on the wall hard, I scream in pain, and agony. Blood trickles down my head, I collapse on the floor.

"Guys, shit, theirs blood, let's go away" the bald man shouts.

My eye lids begin to close, I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.


Niall P.O.V

The telephone rings, I pick it up.

"Hello is this Mr. Horan" the voice asks.

"Yes, who is it?" I ask curiously, making sure it's no fans.

"I am Lily, and I work at Rose Dale hospital, we have a Ms. Kayleigh West admitted here" the voice continues.

"What" I shout.

"Could you please come now" the voice asks.

"Sure, I'll be right there" I reply.

Zayn walks to me, he gestures to the phone, then who.

"Kayleigh, she's been admitted to hospital, Rose Dale hospital" I shout.

"What!" Liam exclaims in surprise.

"Come on, let's go" I shout.

We arrive at the hospital in eleven minutes, I run inside, Kayleigh, my Kayleigh, What's happened to her? I go to the reception.

"I'm Mr.Horan, your colleague Lily, told us that my friend, Kayleigh been admitted here, which warden is she in" I ask.

"The emergency one, follow that" the receptionist gestures, pointing ahead.

"She'll be okay" Harry mumbles.

I run to the emergency room, the boys behind me, they look at me, eyes widen. Jess begins crying, Harry holds her tightly. A nurse comes out, she gives me Jayden. I hold Jayden, he looks at me smiling. What's happened to Kayleigh? The doctor comes out.

"Your friend, she's been bashed many times, in a alley, even on the head, she's got lot of blood loss" the doctor replies.

"What" I exclaim.

Suddenly a nurse comes out, panting for air.

"Doctor, the patient fallen in coma" the nurse shouts.

The doctor runs in, red faced. I stare outside, looking through the glass mirror, holding Jayden. Kayleigh she's fallen in come, Who could do this to her? She has to wake up, if not for me, for Jayden. I cry, tears fall down my eyes. I couldn't be there to protect her, if I had been there, I could of saved her.

"It's all my fault" I mumble.

"It's not your fault, she'll be okay" Harry lies.

"You don't know that, she's in coma, I could of been there to protect her" I mumble.

"Niall" Zayn mumbles.

"Kayleigh, please wake up" I mumble upset.

I stare at Kayleigh through the window, she lays their peacefully, wired up, blood flowing. My little angel, she looks so broken. She looks like she's sleeping, except for the wires. She has to wake up, Kayleigh has to wake up, she just has too.


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