Its a Secret <3

*This is a Niall fan fiction*
Kat styles is my name I am 18 and I live in holmes Chaple with my brother Harry styles my sisters moved out a while ago. my brother has four best friends tht re always over but wht Harry doesnt know is that I have a huge crush on one of them. Join me in my secret of liking and falling for one of the boys. will he like me back or will he leave me standing in the rain when i need him most.


2. truth or dare part one


I went upstairs to clean my room after asking Harry for advice on a boy I like. He doesn't know that the boy that I like is his best mate Niall Horan I don't think that he would like it if I told him that I like Niall. My room wasn't that messy so I finsished with my room and went to the living room and vaccumed up a bit then I sat on the couch until four crazy boys barged in the house all of them carrying at least two types of alcohol.

"Hey Kat where is Harry ?" Louis asked setting down the beer on the counter.

"Umm I think that he is upstairs cleaning his room"

"Thank you" Louis said while him and the other boys piled up the stairs. I was watching the telly when someone came to sit next to me it scared me so I jumped a little.

"hey Kat how are you ?" I didn't even have to look to know that it was Niall I could tell it was him by his Irish accent.

"Oh ha-ha hey Niall what are you up to ?"

"Oh nothing I got board up stairs because all the boys are playing video games so I thought that I would come hang out with you if that was okay with you?" He was so cheeky

"Well of course you could hangout with me I don't mind at all" I said turning to him. "So what have you been up to for the past week?" He wasn't much of  person to start the conversation but neither was I.

"Oh nothing much I went to the club on Monday with  friend of mine but that's not as fun as hanging out with you guys" I say blushing a bit.

"Well I am glad that you have fun with me and the boys." I chuckled its was around 5 or so I thought that it was time to start the party.

 "So what do you say we start this party ?" I asked

"What about the boys?" Niall asked looking a bit confused

 "Well they will come down in a few so lets just start our selves while we wait for them?" I asked walking towards the counter.

"I guess" Niall just laughed and grabbed a beer. I yelled up to the boys that if they didn't come down here now that Niall and I were going to drink all the alcohol. A few minutes later they came down and joined us.


It was about 11 or so and we were all a little more than drunk but I didnt mind it we were having fun and that is all that mattered to me.

"Hey Harry do you mind if we play truth or dare?" Louis asked

"no I dont mind " We all sat in a circle on the floor.

"Okay in this game of truth or dare you can't refuse any of the dares and you have to be honest during the truths got it ?" Liam said while sipping off of his beer. We all nodded in agreement.

"Okay Harry truth or dare ?" Zayn asked me first I hated being first.

"Umm dare"

"Okay I dare you to sit in the circle without any pants on for one round" He always had really good dares but I was used to not having any pants on I loved to be naked wen no one was around of course. So I did the dare.

"Louis truth or dare? "I asked already knowing what he was going to pick.


"Have you ever ditched someone on a date ?" I asked

"Yes, yes I have " we all laughed.

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