Its a Secret <3

*This is a Niall fan fiction*
Kat styles is my name I am 18 and I live in holmes Chaple with my brother Harry styles my sisters moved out a while ago. my brother has four best friends tht re always over but wht Harry doesnt know is that I have a huge crush on one of them. Join me in my secret of liking and falling for one of the boys. will he like me back or will he leave me standing in the rain when i need him most.


8. So Nialls getting it in?


"Truth or dare Niall?" Liam asked

"Umm truth" Niall replied

"Are you a virgin?" Niall blushed and I didn't really want to know the answer

"Umm no" He answered and I just laughed it off

"Oh we got a badass over here" Louis yelled and it made me laugh

"Okay Kat truth or dare?' Louis asked me

I picked truth because I didn't want to be the first to pick dare

"Okay I am taking Liam's truth, Are you a virgin?" He asked

"Yeah I am" I said blushing while looking at the ground

"Hey its nothing to be ashamed of" Harry said and they all agreed. I wasn't ashamed I was just embarrassed because I was the only one here that hadn't had sex yet

"Truth or dare Harry" I asked trying to change the subject

"DARE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!" He was so dumb when he was drunk

"Okay I dare you walk over to moms house naked and ask her if you have a pimple on your butt " I know it sounds dumb but Harry is super drunk and mom hates it when we get drunk so this should be interesting.

"fine but if I get in trouble its your fault"

"Yeah sure what ever"

We followed Harry over to our mums and all we heard was

"Harold Edward styles you know I don't like it when you drink" Then it got real quiet

"so what happened" I asked as he walked back into the bungalow with a red face

"She yelled at me ant then smacked my butt just like she did when we were kids if we did something bad"

"Awww poor Harry got in trouble with mommy" I laughed.

we went through the rest of the game and then we all decided we should go to bed

I was walking up to my room around 11 because I stayed up a little bit later than everyone else. I felt strong arms around my waist.

"Niall you have got to stop scaring me like this" I turned around and kissed you

"I know but I got up because I couldn't stop thinking about you" he was so cute

I kissed him and he gently picked me up and brought us back to my bedroom.

"You look beautiful in this but I do think it has to go " He said slipping off my top

Things got heated quick and I kinda liked it.

"Are you sure you want to do this ?" he asked

"Yeah but do you have a condom?" I asked and he face palmed himself.

"no I dont I am sorry" He said and I got up and put on a long night shirt.

"where are you going?" He asked as I walked out the door

"I am going to get a condom duh" I stated He just laughed. I knew I wasn't going to risk going to Harrys room to get one so I wen tot where Zayn was sleeping

He was laying on his back, so I climbed on his bed and I guess you could say I was straddling him but not in a sexual way.

"Zayn wake up its Kat " I said and his eyes flew open.

"Um are you okay do you need something?" He looked confused

"Yeah I need a condom and I dont wanna asked Harry because I dont want him to find out about me and Niall so do you have one?"

"so Nialls getting it in while I am sleeping this is not normal" I slapped his cheek lightly

"Do have one or not?" I asked kind of impatient

"Yeah"he said reaching into his wallet

"Thank you" I said kissing his cheek

"Kat I dont mind lying to harry for you but just dont get hurt okay?" He knows Niall wouldnt hurt me but he doesn't want me to do something that I am going to regret like having sex.

"Yeah Zayn I wont "

I walked back to my room to find a shirtless Niall sleeping

"Hey your loss baby" His eyes shot open

"I wasn't sleeping I was resting my eyes" I kissed him and I kissed him hard

Within minutes all the cloths were off of my body as well as his

"Are you sure?" he asked as I rolled the condom on him making sure it was put on properly

"I have never been so sure about anything like this in my life" I stated



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