Its a Secret <3

*This is a Niall fan fiction*
Kat styles is my name I am 18 and I live in holmes Chaple with my brother Harry styles my sisters moved out a while ago. my brother has four best friends tht re always over but wht Harry doesnt know is that I have a huge crush on one of them. Join me in my secret of liking and falling for one of the boys. will he like me back or will he leave me standing in the rain when i need him most.


6. Pool Party!


"Actually Niall can we keep it from Harry for a while? something about sneaking around makes me feel bad" I said as I winked at him which caused him to choke on his tea

"Are you sure about it? I mean what happens if Harry find out and he doesn't want to be friends anymore?" He looked into my eyes with sincerity

"Niall we will be fine if he finds out I will tell him it was my idea, plus think of the rush we are going to get while sneaking around I mean it will be fun" I place my hand over his and he smiled

"I suppose but just promise that you aren't going to regret making this decision?" I promised him and we went back to talking about normal things when I got a text from Harry.

From: Harry Bear <3

To: Kat

Hey where are you I know you said you were going out nut you didn't say for how long? Oh and did Niall go with you I can't find him anywhere?

To: Harry Bear <3

From: Kat

Yeah sorry I went to the get some tea and yes Niall came with me. be home in a bit.

"You alright love?" Niall asked

"yeah its just Harry he wanted to know if you were with me and where I was." I chuckled

"Oh, so what do you wanna do ?" Niall asked

"Umm well we can go back to the house and watch films all day then you and the boys could stay the night again if you wanted" I smiled and winked making sure Niall caught on

"Sure sounds good to me, but I am telling you I know what you are thinking" He laughed

"Oh do you now?" I said looking at him straight in the eyes

"Yeah you obviously want to have a jelly fight later" He laughed

"yeah that is tots what I wanna do"

3 HOURS LATER...................

"Harry I am so fucking tired!" I said yelling at him

"Well it was your idea to watch movies all day" He stated as he chuckled  

"True but lets do something fun now" I yelled

"Okay what do you guys wanna do?" Harry asked

"I wanna have a pool party" Liam yelled and all the other boys agreed

"Okay pool party it is" harry said and I knew just what I was  going to do too.


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