Its a Secret <3

*This is a Niall fan fiction*
Kat styles is my name I am 18 and I live in holmes Chaple with my brother Harry styles my sisters moved out a while ago. my brother has four best friends tht re always over but wht Harry doesnt know is that I have a huge crush on one of them. Join me in my secret of liking and falling for one of the boys. will he like me back or will he leave me standing in the rain when i need him most.


9. Never mind I found him


"Niall it hurts" I wipes a tear from my eyes

"It will stop soon I promise" He kissed my forehead

"I know it just hurts a lot" After I said this the pain had subsided and pure ecstasy rolled through my body.

"Niall I am okay now you can go faster" I said and he quickened his pace. I let out small moans here and there but nothing too loud. We reached our climax together and he rolled to the side of me.

"That was fun" 

"Hmmm yeah maybe if your luck we can do it again sometime" I stated.

There was a knock at the door and before I had time to answer it Louis came barging in.

"Kat I can't find Niall anywhe-" He cut himself off as Niall and I wrapped our selves in my blanket.

"Never mind I found him and you do know that if Harry finds out he is going to kill Niall right?"

"Yeah I know and why were you looking for Niall at 3 in the morning?" I asked him raising an eyebrow.

"Um well you see when I have nightmares I like to find Niall because he tells me good stories to make me fall back to sleep so there if you must know. " He sometimes acted like a five year old but that's why we loved him so much.

"Huh I see, Please don't tell Harry we will tell him when the time is right okay?" I asked an he nodded his head and left the room.

"Well that was awkward"

"True that, Now lets go to sleep" I said nuzzling my head into Niall's chest and falling asleep

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