Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?




I only manage just to choke back a scream. My whole body and mind a screaming terror. Its only 4 am in the morning and my bed is drenched in sweat and my covers are a crumpled mess on the floor, shoved of because of my trying to fight them.


It has been a two weeks since the 'incident' with Aleksandra and every day I have had night mares steadily progressing to night terrors. I do not even want to sleep any more  I don't want to relieve being threatened over and over again. I hate the dark now I feel like she is lurking waiting around a corner to make good on a promise. I now flinch easily at loud noises. My mother notices she doesn't comment. I may even have a mild phobia or a totally knew one Aleksandrophobia. I don't even want to go outside on top of that. I hate myself for it. I really am pathetic being threatened by Nick's psycho girlfriend has left me a crumbling mess. I loathe that I'm crying like a kid right now. 

I hate Aleksandra, I hate Nick, I hate the whole lot of them.

Adrenalin rushes through my body with no outlet and my mind puts it to better use creating scenarios straight out  of a Grimm fairytale book. 

I will not cry, I will not fall, I will not...

Why does it feel like I am drowning, sinking into oblivion.  



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