Signed Midnight

Millie is your average girl, with a slightly above average friend. That is until something extraordinary happens to her.Her whole life is about to change for the better or worse?


10. Pawn


I fell...

I braced for impact and the the hot breathe of these...monsters when they would tear me from limb from limb like so much meat. I think these are my last moments on this god forsaken earth and really I wait for the inevitable. My last thought is she lied and what kind of cruel person would do that to a person who has nothing left.

The breathe rushes out of me when I land and my mind processes that I've landed on something soft. I open one eye at a time and crocodile tears start streaming down my face when I realise that I'm in my bedroom. My body shakes with great heaving sobs that wrack my frame when I realise that I'm home in my sanctuary, my haven. It seems like a dream come true and I question my sanity as I take in my room. It's just the way I left it and I can't help but think that my mother kept it as a shrine to my memory, this produces another bout of tears which I can't seem to control. My eyes blur around the edges and I realise that I'm about to pass out from sheer exhaustion.


It seems only a moment that I closed my eyes and when I open my eyes I'm back in that forest and my mind is a mantra of god no not again when I realise that I could have dreamed up my bedroom and 'oh god I think I might vomit' bile rises at the back of my throat and I heave great wracking sobs that clog my throat 'why me what did I ever do to deserve this?' 'but thats not true is it? bad thing happen to good people too and life doesn't discriminate against bad people.


I don't  realise whilst ruminating on my maudlin thoughts that I have an audience, until I feel my body crawling with raised goosebumps. I look up where I'm kneeling on the wood floor. I mean to rise but when I see the people standing before me I hesitate thinking I should stay where I am. The thoughts are so foreign that I rise slowly to my feet no matter what my treacherous body might think.

There are five people standing before me and I feel stripped to my core, their eyes judge me and find me wanting. I feel cowed  and I realise that I am cowed whoever these people are they are powerful and I feel insignificant and I realise my mortality anew.

There are two men and 3 women and I realise that one of these women is somehow more important than the others and that not because she emanates a aura which demands your attention and forces you to want to please her so you can avoid her wrath.

"Child, you are going to be a good acolyte I can tell" This statement terrifies me as I question my sanity and decisions of late what the hell did I do? "There is no backing out now"  I realise two things one: she can read my thoughts, and two: I am fucked and there really is nothing I can do now. maybe death would have been preferable in hindsight when I see the goddesses predatory look.

"You should not have prayed to the gods child, it brings nothing but grief" the looks of pity I receive from the other people there tell me exactly how much I have miscalculated. There's nothing I can do now. "Child listen and listen carefully for what I'm about to tell you is important". I listen in a daze as she tells me to lie about being kidnapped by those werewolves those monsters and when I try to interrupt her, because how "dare she, people need to kno-" She silences me and suddenly I can't speak. She looks at me dispassionately and continues. 

The greatest lies are simple she says because no one embellishes the truth. I need to go to the police saying how I got kidnapped by people wanting children how I stayed in a cage until in the cabin the the woods they have and how I got out and ran for my life until I came home.

She tells me that we'll speak again because now she has me she has many things to teach and there are many things I will do for my goddess. 

She looks at me strangely then and tells me "People have secrets and the people thought you knew are nothing but what they want you to see.

before I can ask her anything the world shifts sideways and turns black and I drift into unconsciousness. 

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